Completed Theses

Advisor Title Type Assigned to Year Co-Advisor
Fatma Başak Aydemir A Framework to Improve User Story Sets MS Salih Göktuğ Köse 2023
A. C. Cem Say Extended Models of Finite Automata PhD Özlem Salehi 2019
A. C. Cem Say Finite and Small-Space Automata with Advice PhD Uğur Küçük 2018
Haluk Bingöl Computational Models of Attention Competiton PhD Uzay Çetin 2017
Levent Akın Digital Map and GNSS Fusion to Enhance Localization for Intelligent Vehicle Applications PhD Ali Ufuk Peker 2017
Pınar Yolum Negotiation Strategies for Privacy in Online Social Networks MS Dilara Keküllüoğlu 2017
Ali Taylan Cemgil Effects of the Receiver Characteristics, Variation of Target Intensity and Nonlinearity on Probability Hypothesis Density Filter Compared to Data Association Techniques MS Kemal Öksüz 2016
Ali Taylan Cemgil A Bayesian Approach To The Clustering Problem With Application To Gene Expression Analysis PhD Işık Barış Fidaner 2016
Alper Şen Mutation Testing of Concurrent Programs MS Mehmet Köse 2016
Alper Şen Heuristics for Concolic Software Testing MS Yavuz Köroğlu 2016
Arzucan Özgür Natural Language Processing For Mining Neuroanatomical Relations Among Brain Regions MS Erinç Gökdeniz 2016 Reşit Şahin Canbeyli
Arzucan Özgür Identifying Passages Describing Protein-Protein Interaction Detection Methods In Biomedical Full Text Articles Using Information MS Ferhat Aydın 2016
Arzucan Özgür A Semantic Sentence Similarity Estimation Approach for the Biomedical Domain MS Gizem Soğancıoğlu 2016
Bert Arnrich Socially Assistive Child-Robot Interaction in Physical Exercise Coaching MS Arzu Güneysu 2016
Can Özturan Job Scheduling for Heterogeneous Supercomputers PhD Seren Soner 2016
Cem Ersoy Green Networking: From Conventional To Next Generation Heterogeneous Cellular Networks PhD Mehmet Aykut Yiğitel 2016
Cem Say The Query Complexity of Estimating Entropy MS Jafar Jafarov 2016
Fatih Alagöz Layered Content Delivery Over Satellite Integrated Cognitive Radio Networks MS Sebahat Sinem Kafıloğlu 2016
Fatih Alagöz Joint Optimization of Cash Management and Routing for New Generation Automated Teller Machine Networks MS Şeyma Batı 2016 Didem Gözüpek Kocaman
Haluk Bingöl Investigation Of Emergence Of Diversity In Language: Parent Oriented Teacher Selection MS İbrahim Çimentepe 2016
Lale Akarun Human-computer Interaction Platform for the Hearing Impaired in Healthcare and Finance Applications MS Necati Cihan Camgöz 2016
Levent Akın Manipulation and Placement Planning for Loading a Dishwasher by a Robot MS Bahar İrfan 2016
M. Ufuk Çağlayan Security and Privacy of RFID Protocols PhD Mete Akgün 2016
Pınar Yolum Argumentation For Protecting Users’ Privacy In Online Social Networks MS Nefise Gizem Yağlıkçı 2016
Suzan Üsküdarlı Increasing Accessibility of Web Content via Semantic Rennaration MS Emrah Güder 2016
Suzan Üsküdarlı An Ontology Based Framework for Creating Purposeful Online Communities MS Murat Seyhan 2016
Taflan Gündem A Parallel Approach to Solving Satisfiability Problems on graphics processing units using neural networks MS Melih Mert 2016
Tunga Güngör A Rule-based Approach for Converting Wikipedia Content into Semantic Relations MS Yağmur Aydın 2016
Albert Ali Salah Efficient Action And Event Recognition In Videos Using Extreme Learning Machines MS Gul Varol 2015
Albert Ali Salah A Dynamic Saliency Based Method for Video Retargeting MS Hatice Çiğdem Kontacı 2015 Arzucan Özgür
Albert Ali Salah Robust Machine Learning Methods For Computational Paralinguistics And Multi-modal Affective Computing PhD Heysem Kaya 2015
Albert Ali Salah Player Profiling and Analysis of Abusive Behavior in Social Games PhD Mehmet Koray Balcı 2015
Ali Taylan Cemgil Acceleration Of Sequential Monte Carlo Methods Via Parallelization Of Resampling Algorithms MS Hakan Guldas 2015
Ali Taylan Cemgil Tensor Fusion: Learning In Heterogeneous And Distributed Data PhD Umut Şimşekli 2015
Alper Şen Automatic Synthetic Benchmark Generation for Multicore Systems PhD Etem Deniz 2015
Arda Yurdakul Reconfigurable Network-On-Chip (Noc) Architectures For Embedded Systems PhD Salih Bayar 2015
Arzucan Ozgur Named Entity Recognition For Turkish Microblog Texts Using Semi-Supervised Learning With Word Embeddings MS Eda Okur 2015
Arzucan Ozgur Analyzing stemming and sentence simplification methodologies for turkish multi-document text summarization MS Mahmut Yavuz Nuzumlali 2015
Can Özturan Parallel Algorithms for Shortest Path Problem on Time Dependent Graphs MS Mehmet Akif Ersoy 2015
Cem Ersoy Seamless Human Life Monitoring And Tracking All-Day Long MS Ali Yavuz Kahveci 2015
Cem Ersoy User, device, orientation and position independent human activity recognition on smart phones MS Yunus Emre Ustev 2015
Cem Ersoy Human Activity Recognition With Wireless Sensor Networks Using Machine Learning PhD Hande Alemdar Ozgur 2015
Fatih Alagoz Controller Load Balancing Schemes in Software Defined Networks MS Hakan Selvi 2015
Fatih Alagöz Priority Scheduling For Heterogeneous Workloads in Computing Clusters PhD Derya Çavdar 2015
Fikret Gurgen Mutual information based feature selection for acoustic autism diagnosis MS Sefika Yuzsever 2015
Fikret Gurgen Bayesian Changepoint And Time-Varying Parameter Learning In Regime Switching Volatility Models PhD M.Serdar Yumlu 2015
Fikret Gurgen Computer Aided Detection Of Spina Bifida Using Features Derived From Curvature Scale Space And Zernike Moments PhD Umut Konur 2015
Levent Akın Human-Aware Robot Navigation Using The Social Force Model MS Yiğit Yıldırım 2015
M. Ufuk Çağlayan Model Driven Security Framework for Software Design and Verification PhD Engin Deveci 2015


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