Completed Theses

Advisor Title Type Assigned to Year Co-Advisor
Suzan Uskudarli Emergency Situation Notification Based On Social Networks For Mobile Devices MS Hakan Anit 2013
Ali Taylan Cemgil Probabilistic Tensor Factorization For Link Prediction MS Beyza Ermis 2012
Ali Taylan Cemgil Bi-clustering Using Non-parametric Bayesian Methods MS Safiye Celik 2012
Arzucan Ozgur Self-Trained Discriminative Constituency Parser With Hierarchical Joint Learning Approach MS Arda Celebi 2012
Cem Ersoy Performance Evaluation Of Classification Methods For Online Activity Recognition On Smart Phones MS Mustafa Kose 2012
Cem Ersoy Detection Quality Measure in Surveillance Wireless Sensor Networks PhD Can Komar 2012
Fikret Gurgen Ga-Nn Approach For ECG Feature Selection in Rule-Based Arrhythmia Classification MS Gozde Aslantas 2012
Levent Akin Evolutionary Algorithms for Solving DEC-POMDP Problems PhD Baris Eker 2012
M. Ufuk Caglayan Development Of Mod_Anticrawl: An Anti Crawler Add-On Module For Apache Web Servers MS Oguzhan Topgul 2012
M. Ufuk Caglayan Development Of A New Domain-Specific Language For Software Architecture Specification: DSL-SA MS Sezer Akar 2012
Pinar Yolum Birbil Automated Reasoning on Exceptions in Commitment-Based Multiagent Systems PhD Remzi Ozgur Kafali 2012
Tunga Gungor A Comprehensive Analysis Of Using Wordnet, Part-Of-Speech Tagging, And Word Sense Disambiguation in Text Categorization MS Kerem Celik 2012
A. C. Cem Say Classical and quantum computation with small space bounds PhD Abuzer Yakaryilmaz 2011
Alper Sen Verification Of A Multicore Programming Library MS Etem Deniz 2011
Ayse Bener Assessing Machine Learning Methods in IVF Process: Predictive Modeling of Implantation and Blastocyst Development PhD Asli Uyar Ozkaya 2011
Can Ozturan Auction and Barter Models for Electronic Markets PhD Ali Haydar Ozer 2011
Cem Ersoy RFID Based Indoor Location Tracking MS Edip Toplan 2011
Cem Ersoy Load Balanced Forwarding in Multimedia Wireless Sensor Networks MS Sinan Isik 2011
Cem Ersoy Quality of Service Aware Contention and Deployment Analysis in Wireless Sensor Networks PhD M. Yunus Donmez 2011
Cem Ersoy Load Balanced Reliable Forwarding for Wireless Sensor Networks PhD Sinan Isik 2011
Lale Akrun Computer Vision Based multi-lingual Fingerspelling Recognition MS Ahmet Alp Kindiroglu 2011
Levent Akin Multi-Resolution Model Plus Correction Paradigm for Task and Skill Refinement on Autonomous Robots(link is external) PhD Cetin Mericli 2011 Manuela Veloso
Levent Akin ADES: Automatic Driver Evaluation System PhD Kemal Kaplan 2011
M. Ufuk Caglayan FPFM: A Formal Specification and Verification Framework for Security Policies in Multi-Domain Mobile Networks PhD Devrim Unal 2011
M. Ufuk Caglayan Core-Crust Modeling Approach For Formal Representation and Analysis of Trust in Relation to Computer Security PhD Serif Bahtiyar 2011
Oguz Tosun Scheduling Of Multiple Multi-Threaded Applications On CMP's MS Sanem Arslan 2011 Haluk Topcuoglu
Oguz Tosun Application Mapping and Optimization for CMP Based Architectures PhD Betul Demiroz 2011 Haluk Topcuoglu
Pinar Yolum Birbil Use of Goals for Creating and Enacting Dynamic Contracts in Ambient Intelligence MS Ayca Kundak Isiksal 2011
Pinar Yolum Birbil Contract Based Cooperation For Ambient Intelligence: Proposing, Entering And Executing Contracts Autonomously MS Fatma Basak Aydemir 2011
Pinar Yolum Birbil Negotiating with Qualitative Preferences: Methods for Generating Bids Effectively PhD Reyhan Aydogan 2011
Tuna Tugcu Base Station Location And Terminal Assignment Problem in Wimax Networks MS Vahit Hanoglu 2011 Cem Ersoy
Tunga Gungor Improving Text Categorization Performance By Combining Feature Selection Methods MS Ece Ozbilen 2011
Tunga Gungor Developing A Concept Extraction System For Turkish MS Meryem Uzun 2011
Tunga Gungor Using Genetic Algorithms With Lexical Chains For Automatic Text Summarization MS Mine Berker 2011
Tunga Gungor Integrating Morphology into Automatic Speech Recognition: Morpholexical and Discriminative Language Models for Turkish PhD Hasim Sak 2011 Murat Saraclar
Ayse Bener Alternative Spectrum Trading Architectures in Cognitive Radio Networks: Spectrum Exchange, CRM, Strict Power Control PhD Gulfem Isiklar Alptekin 2010
Cem Ersoy Qos-Aware MAC Protocol Design For Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks MS Aykut Yigitel 2010 Ozlem Durmaz incel
Cem Ersoy Wavelet Transform Based Fall Detection Using Wearable Accelerometers MS Gokhan Remzi Yavuz 2010
Cem Ersoy Nonuniformity in Wireless Sensor Network Design PhD Rabun Kosar 2010
Ethem Alpaydin Localized Multiple Kernel Algorithms for Machine Learning PhD Mehmet Gonen 2010
Levent Akin Road Lane And Traffic Sign Detection And Tracking MS Caner Kurtul 2010
Oguz Tosun Memory System Optimizations For Cache Miss Reduction MS Dindar Oz 2010
Pinar Yolum Birbil The Effect Of Trust And Team Personality On Multiagent Teamwork Performance MS Feyza Merve Hafizoglu 2010
Tunga Gungor Mixture Of Experts Learning in Automated Theorem Proving MS Acar Erkek 2010
Tunga Gungor Automated Query-Biased and Structure-Preserving Document Summarization for Web Search Tasks PhD Canan Pembe 2010
Tunga Gungor Improving Text Classification Performance with the Analysis of Lexical Dependencies and Class-based Feature Selection PhD Levent Ozgur 2010
Ayse Bener Prediction Of Code Refactoring Using Class And File Level Software Metrics MS Yasemin Kosker 2009
Cem Ersoy RFID Enhanced Wireless Sensor Networks For Healthcare Monitoring MS Hande Ozgur Alemdar 2009
Cem Ersoy Mitigation Techniques For The Energy Hole Problem in Wireless Sensor Networks MS Ilir Bojaxhiu 2009 Ertan Onur
Cem Ersoy Fuzzy Inference System As A Collaboration Logic And A New M/N-Based Track initiation Logic For Wireless Sensor Networks MS Mustafa Ozgur Akduran 2009


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