Completed Theses

Advisor Title Type Assigned to Year Co-Advisor
Oguz Tosun Scheduling Problem in Distributed Hard Real-Time Computer Systems MS Z. Dilek Duman Tuzun 1990
Selahattin Kuru A Failure Probability Based Troubleshooting Expert System For Complex Mechanical Systems MS Hayri Mehmet Goker 1990
Selahattin Kuru The Design And Implementation Of An Adaptive Pre-Processor And Post-Processor For Finite Element Codes MS Serdar Ulger 1990
Oguz Tosun A Reliability Model For A Large-Scale Software System MS Fedon Kadifeli 1989
Oguz Tosun Deadlock Detection Problem in Computing Systems: A Simulation Approach Using A Priority Based Deadlock Detection Algorithm MS Sema F Akgun 1989
Selahattin Kuru A Hierarchically Structured Hypertext System With Authoring Facilities MS A. Asli Yavascilar 1989
Selahattin Kuru A Goal-Driven Control Architecture For Blackboard Systems MS Ferda Bek 1989
Selahattin Kuru An Operations Management System For The MVS/XA Operating System MS G. Aylin Egesoy 1989
Selahattin Kuru Generating Causal Relations From Mathematical Models MS Tunga Gungor 1989
Tunc Balman An Interactive Information Retrival System Sorgu MS Namik Kural 1984
Tunc Balman A Multi-Tasking Executive MS Sedat Yilmazer 1984
Tunc Balman A Concurrent Programming System With A Flexible Structure MS Tamer Sikoglu 1984
Tunc Balman A BCPL Translator Using Recursive Descent Technique MS Vasil Kadifeli 1984
Oguz Tosun Implementation Of The Analysis Part Of A Pascal Translator MS Cem Atac 1983
Lale Akarun Human Motion Analysis And Understanding PhD Furkan Kirac


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