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CmpE Events


  1. CmpE Seminar: Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Applications in Information Retrieval and Sentiment Analysis by Hatem Haddad, PhD
    • Start time: 02:00pm, Monday, February 19th
    • End time: 03:00pm, Monday, February 19th
    • Where: AVS Conference Room, BM
    • Abstract: Applications of NLP are everywhere becausepeople communicate mostly through language: web search, emails, customerservice, language translation, social activities, opinions, etc. Accordingly,data is being generated as we tweet, as we send messages and in various otheractivities. The majority of this data exists in textual form, which is highlyunstructured in nature. By utilizing NLP and its components, one can organizethe massive chunks of text data, perform numerous automated tasks and solve awide range of problems, such as automatic summarization, machine translation,named entity recognition, relationship extraction, sentiment analysis, speechrecognition, topic segmentation, etc. This seminar contributes to this endeavorby focusing on the application of ML and NLP in sentiment analysis andinformation retrieval.          Short Bio HatemHaddad is Assistant Professorat the CoDE Department of the ULB, where he teaches Business ProcessManagement, Data Warehouses and Data Mining. He received a doctorate (2002) inComputer Science and Information Systems from Grenioble Alpes university,France. He was Postdoctoral Fellow at VTT Technical Research Centre ofFinland   and at Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Hewas a visiting researcher at Kent Ridge Digital Labs (KRDL), Singapore. Hiscurrent research interests include Information Retrieval, Natural LanguagesProcessing, Sentiment Analysis and Machine Learning. He is a PC member or Chairin different conferences in the area. He also serves as a reviewer for relevantjournals in the area.

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Tuesday, February 20th

  1. CmpE Seminar: Scaling up for 20 billion devices by 2020 and beyond by Suzan Bayhan, PhD
    • Start time: 02:00pm, Tuesday, February 20th
    • End time: 03:00pm, Tuesday, February 20th
    • Where: AVS Conference Room, BM
    • Abstract:By 2020, it isestimated that there will be around 20 billion connected devices with differentcapacities and sizes, functioning in every aspect of human civilization. Howdoes this massive number of devices affect the networking landscape and thenhow can we meet the wireless data demand? While networking community has beenbusy seeking answers from all perspectives, in my talk, I will argue thatresource sharing is vital for coping with the emerging challenges. Morespecifically, I will introduce two of my research projects as more concreteexamples, namely spectrum sharing in unlicensed bands and content sharing ininformation-centric networks. While the former---spectrum sharing, requirescoexistence protocols among the sharing networks, the latter requires thecontent-sharing entities to be able to find the content conveniently in thenetwork. I will overview how my research addresses these challenges. In thelast part of my talk, I will present what other possibilities I consider aspromising to cope with “20 billion devices by 2020” and beyond.                  Short Bio: Dr.Suzan Bayhan received herPhD degree in computer engineering in 2012 from Bogazici University, Istanbul.Between 2012-2016, she was a postdoctoral researcher at the University ofHelsinki. Currently, she is a senior researcher at TKN, TU Berlin and also aDocent in computer science at the University of Helsinki. She received theGoogle Anita Borg EMEA scholarship in 2009 and co-authored the best paper atACM ICN 2015. Suzan is on N2Women Board as one of the mentoring co-chairs. Hercurrent research interests include resource allocation in wireless networks,coexistence in the unlicensed spectrum, information-centric networks, andedge/fog communications.

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