Copyright Policies for Published Work

Major publishers have a flexible copyright policy allowing the reuse of text, figures and tables in a thesis of one of the authors unless the thesis is commercially published. Here are the related policies and their sources:


You may reuse your published article in your thesis or dissertation without requesting permission, provided that you fulfill the following requirements depending on which aspects of the article you wish to reuse.

  • Text excerpts: Provide the full citation of the original published article followed by the IEEE copyright line: © 20XX IEEE. If you are reusing a substantial portion of your article and you are not the senior author, obtain the senior author’s approval before reusing the text.
  • Graphics and tables: The IEEE copyright line (© 20XX IEEE) should appear with each reprinted graphic and table.
  • Full text article: Include the following copyright notice in the references: “© 20XX IEEE. Reprinted, with permission, from [full citation of original published article].”

When posting your thesis on your university website, include the following message:

“In reference to IEEE copyrighted material which is used with permission in this thesis, the IEEE does not endorse any of [name of university or educational entity]’s products or services. Internal or personal use of this material is permitted. If interested in reprinting/republishing IEEE copyrighted material for advertising or promotional purposes or for creating new collective works for resale or redistribution, please go to to learn how to obtain a License from RightsLink. If applicable, University Microfilms and/or ProQuest Library, or the Archives of Canada may supply single copies of the dissertation.”

Only the accepted version of your article, not the final published version, may be posted online in your thesis.




Yes. Authors can include their articles in full or in part in a thesis or dissertation for non-commercial purposes.

As an Elsevier journal author, you have the right to Include the article in a thesis or dissertation (provided that this is not to be published commercially) whether in full or in part, subject to proper acknowledgment; see the Copyright page for more information.  No written permission from Elsevier is necessary.

This right extends to the posting of your thesis to your university’s repository provided that if you include the published journal article, it is embedded in your thesis and not separately downloadable.

Our preferred acknowledgement wording will be included in your permissions license:

Example: “This article/chapter was published in Publication title, Vol number, Author(s), Title of article, Page Nos, Copyright Elsevier (or appropriate Society name) (Year).”


Authors can use their articles, in full or in part, for a wide range of scholarly, non-commercial purposes as outlined below:

  • Inclusion in a thesis or dissertation (provided that this is not to be published commercially)



Authors can include partial or complete papers of their own (and no fee is expected) in a dissertation as long as citations and DOI pointers to the Versions of Record in the ACM Digital Library are included. Authors can use any portion of their own work in presentations and in the classroom (and no fee is expected).



Authors have the right to reuse their article’s Version of Record, in whole or in part, in their own thesis. Additionally, they may reproduce and make available their thesis, including Springer Nature content, as required by their awarding academic institution. Authors must properly cite the published article in their thesis according to current citation standards.

Material from: 'AUTHOR, TITLE, JOURNAL TITLE, published [YEAR], [publisher - as it appears on our copyright page]’  



If you are the author of a published Wiley article, you have the right to reuse the full text of your published article as part of your thesis or dissertation. In this situation, you do not need to request permission from Wiley for this use.

If your institution still requires a reuse license in this case, follow the steps below to request your license via RightsLink.

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