Offered Senior Projects

Project Title Project Advisor Students Project Year
Classification and demarcation of user feedback for mobile applications Fatma Başak Aydemir 2021
Turkish Preprocessing Operations Using Deep Learning Approaches Tunga Güngör 2021
Keyword Extraction Using Deep Learning Methods Tunga Güngör 2021
Making Computer Games Edge Compatible Atay Özgövde 2021
A Course Timetabling System for Bogazici University Can Özturan 2021
Self Healing Tests Alper Şen 2021
Defect Prediction for Mobile Software Alper Şen 2021
Dataset Generation for Flow-Assisted Diffusion Channel in Molecular Communications Tuna Tuğcu
H. Birkan Yılmaz
Developing Rogue Agents for Driving Simulations Doğan Ulus 2021
Developing an Observability Tool for Driving Simulators Doğan Ulus 2021
Generating an OpenDrive map of Bogazici University and surrounding areas Doğan Ulus 2021
A Web Application for Annotating Dependency Parse Treebanks Suzan Üsküdarlı
Tunga Güngör
Detection and Localization of Drones via Passive Radio Frequency (RF) Listening H. Birkan Yılmaz 2021
Generating Molecular Communication Water Channel Images via GAN H. Birkan Yılmaz 2021
RF Signal Measurement Simulator for Drones in Unreal Engine H. Birkan Yılmaz 2021
SmartJobs@Academia - Part 2 H. Birkan Yılmaz 2021
SmartJobs@Academia - Part 1 H. Birkan Yılmaz 2021
Industry 4.0 lab Lale Akarun
Atay Özgövde
DDoS Attack Detection in Software Defined Network via Machine Learning Algorithms Fatih Alagöz 2020
Automatic Class Diagram Generation from Turkish User Stories Fatma Başak Aydemir 2020
Visualizing Goal Models Using D3 Fatma Başak Aydemir 2020
Deep Learning for Smartwatch Based Continuous Authentication Cem Ersoy
Deniz Ekiz
Nanonetworking Testbed API Tuna Tuğcu 2020
NS3 Module Development for the UORA Mechanism of WiFi6 Tuna Tuğcu
Şükrü Kuran
Short text processing workbench Suzan Üsküdarlı 2020
Data annotation and augmentation tool for deep learning Lale Akarun 2019
Use Mask r-cnn or other instance segmentation technique for Hand segmentation Lale Akarun 2019
Sign language avatar generation using github Lale Akarun 2019
Semi automatic segmentation and annotation of videos using alignment with audio subtitles Lale Akarun 2019
Design and Development of a distributed ledger enabling cross-border eProcurement Fatih Alagöz 2019
Tool Development for Goal-Oriented Release Planning Fatma Başak Aydemir 2019
Verified Smart Contracts Alper Şen 2019
Automatically creating a semantically challenging Turkish named entity recognition dataset Suzan Üsküdarlı 2019
Outlier Detection for Gesture Videos Lale Akarun 2017
Development of a Graphical User Interface for RoboCup Rescue Simulation to Control Agents H. Levent Akın 2017
Parallel Programming with CUDA for RoboCup Rescue Simulation H. Levent Akın 2017
Hologram Virtual Assistant H. Levent Akın 2017
Autonomous Mini Drone Controller H. Levent Akın 2017
Information Visualization for Choir Conductors Albert Ali Salah 2017
AI Bots for Slither.IO Albert Ali Salah 2017
Something theoretical A. C. Cem Say 2017
Sign Language Annotator Lale Akarun 2016
Development of a Virtual Reality System for Human Robot Interaction H. Levent Akın 2016
Development of a Virtual Reality System for Human Robot Interaction H. Levent Akın 2016

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