Senior Projects Poster Session

CMPE Senior Project Poster Session was held on Thursday, May 31, 2018.


Project titles:

Machine Learning
Machine Learning Methods for Music Transcription
Tensor Visualisation Data
Optimization of Machine Learning Algorithms on Large Datasets
Emotion Recognition
Sentiment Analysis: How do events affect people and institutions?
Answer Recommendation for Customer Tweets
 Proposing Players for Basketball Teams
Bayesian NMF and Allocation Models
Employee Recommendation System for Companies Through CV Analysis
Duplicate Detection in Question-Answer Systems
Text Summarization with Supportive Images
AI Bots for Browser Games
A Named Entity Recognition Tool for Turkish
Inverse Reinforcement Learning
Automatic Differentiation
Machine Learning Methods for Recommendation Systems
Collabus: Music Recommender System
A Classification Application Using k-NN, SVM and Extreme Learning Machine (Baby Crying Recognition)
Extractive Text Summarization with Deep Learning
Retail Data Analysis for Personalized Recommendation

Web and Social Media
Detecting Trolls, Dead People, etc. On Twitter
Country Prediction of Users on Social Media Using Machine Learning
Web Resource Classification
Semantic Exploration of Community Information (Mobile)
Social Community Analytics
Extracting Market Trends from Twitter Data
Stance Classification and Rumour Verification in Tweets

Blockchain and Financial Data Analysis
Blockchain Explorer for Ethereum
Blockchain Based Geostamping
Qt User Interface for Mantis Ethereum Classic Client
Analyzing the Effect of Logistic Operations for an Online Marketspace
IPFS and Blockchain Based Archival System for Open Academic Data
Archiving Financial Data on Ethereum Blockchain
Ivy: A Programming Language Targeting Ethereum Virtual Machine

Computer Networks / 5G
Load Balancing for Distributed SDN Controller Mechanism
Implementation of an Offload Decision Mechanism for IOS Based Smart Phones
Real SDN Testbed Implementation Using Rapsberry Pi
Ethernet Driver
Routing on the Information-Centric Networking
Controller Synchronization Algorithm for Distributed SDN Control Mechanism

Neuroboun - Query Search
Lipospme - based Targeted Transmission in Molecular Communications
Genetic Classification with Deep Learning
Phenotype Prediction Using Genomic Data

Path Recognition in the Campus via AR Drone and Mobile Ground Robot
Adapting Full Body Synergies
Recovering Cost Function Behind Dexterous Manipulation Actions Using Reinforcement Learning
Information Systems
File Editor Design and Development for Eclipse
Management System for Programming Laboratories

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