Scientific Prep: The students with remedial courses

  • A student with a non-CmpE BS degree may be required to take remedial courses before starting at the regular MSc program. Currently, remedial courses are three undergraduate courses:
    • CmpE220: Discrete Computational Structures (equivalent: Discrete Math)
    • CmpE250: Data Structures (equivalent: Data Structures and Algorithms)
    • CmpE322: Operating Systems
  • Students, who cannot certify that they have taken and successfully passed these courses in their transcripts, need to register as a remedial student. If the student believes that he/she had already taken some of these courses but still observes them in the required course list in OBIKAS, then he/she should write directly to the Graduate Studies Coordinator.
  • The semester type on OBIKAS should be REMEDIAL. This means that the GPA of courses taken during this semester will have no effect on the GPA to be obtained for the registered program.
  • Remedial courses have to be taken whenever they are open, i.e. prerequisite condition is not applied. Please note that most remedial courses are open only once in each academic year, although it is possible that some are open during the summer term.
  • Remedial courses have to be completed in two successive academic semesters. Note that the Summer term is not counted as an academic semester, but courses can be taken during summer to reduce the course load in academic semesters.
    • Example: Let 2015 represent the year. Then,
      • If a student with remedial courses starts the graduate program in Spring'15, then in Summer'15 he/she can take some remedial courses of Fall'15 semester.
      • If a student with remedial courses starts the graduate program in Fall'15, then in Summer'15 he/she can take some remedial courses of Fall'15 and Spring'16 semesters.
    • The student should contact with department secretarial office so as to get registered to the Summer term at a discounted tuition rate. The passed courses can be dropped from his/her remedial list if the student contacts the Graduate Studies Coordinator before the add/drop period of Fall'15 starts. Otherwise, she/he has to re-take those courses.
  • The student must pass from remedial courses with a GPA >= 2.50. Failure from a course or GPA < 2.50 hinders the student from continuing further studies in CmpE. The GPA for remedial courses is calculated after the student passes all remedial courses.
  • Graduate students cannot simultaneously register for normal program courses while taking the remedial courses. 

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