General Information on Master of Science in Computer Engineering



  • Each student has to complete 60ECTS for course work, 60ECTS for Thesis so as to get graduated. The students have to take special care to fulfill this requirement while selecting the courses.
  • MS program course stage consists of 7 technical courses + CmpE579 (MS Seminar). Course stage has to be completed in four semesters with a GPA higher than 3.00 to continue to the program. During this time, the semester type must be NORMAL.
  • Students have to fill half of the course load with CmpE5xx and CmpE6xx courses because the ECTS of CmpE graduate courses is 10. The remaining load can be filled from all programs provided that the course is related with the thesis work, the advisor approves and the following conditions hold:
    • Students can take at most two 4xx courses. Yet, you have to be careful: ECTS of CmpE5xx courses is 10, but ECTS of CmpE4xx courses is 6. You have to complete 60ECTS from the courses.
    • Students can take 5xx and 6xx courses from other departments. Again, be careful: ECTS of CmpE5xx courses is 10, but ECTS of other 5xx courses can be less than 10. You have to complete 60ECTS from the courses.
    • Students can take at most two courses from another university. In this case, they have to directly apply to the Institute of Science and Engineering for an approval. Note that our university does not allow a course to be taken from another univeristy if that course is being offered in our university. Your grade will be transferred as P or F but your ECTS will be transferred as it is. Again check the ECTS.
  • Each student is expected to complete 9 credits in the first semester, 15 credits at the end of the second semester and 21 credits (i.e., all course work) at the end of the third semester. 
  • Maximum course load per semester is five.
  • Technical courses are expected to be in alignment with the chosen research area. The advisor may ask the student to take as many non-credit courses as necessary. Note that non-credit courses do not count in the GPA, but must be repeated if failed. If the advisor approves, certain non-credit 5XX courses that are otherwise offered for credit can be converted to a course with credits until the end of the add-drop period of the following semester.
  • CMPE599 is a 4-credit course in which the student can start research and prepare the MS Thesis proposal under the guidance of his/her advisor. The student has to register to the related section of the advisor. CMPE599 cannot be taken after the student gets a TP from CMPE690.


  • Every student has to register to CMPE690: MS THESIS starting from the second semester. The student has to register to the related section of the advisor. If no courses are taken, the semester type should be THESIS. 
  • Thesis proposal has to be prepared by the student under the guidance of his/her thesis advisor. 
  • For graduation, at least one conference paper should be submitted. 
  • Maximum program duration is six semesters.

Thesis Defense​

  • A thesis book has to be written under the guidance of the thesis advisor. The thesis book has to be evaluated by the advisor to check ethical and scientific correctness, and completeness of the work. If some parts of the thesis book get published, then it is the student’s responsibility to check the copyright policies of the publisher. This link summarizes policies of renown publishers in early 2021. Complete guideline for the thesis book preparation is here.
  • Before the defense, the thesis book has to be submitted to the Thesis Defense Jury (TDJ), which is formed by three or five full-time professors*. Thesis advisor is the natural member of TDJ. At least one TDJ member has to be from another university. If there is a co-advisor and the co-advisor wants to be present in the defense, then TDJ will be composed of exactly five members.
  • Thesis Defense has to take place within one month after the thesis book is given to TDJ.  It has to be properly announced at least fifteen days before the defense. The advisor also has to inform Institute of Graduate Studies in Science and Engineering (FBE) about the defense time and place by dropping an e-mail to
  • Thesis Defense is an oral presentation open to TDJ, other faculty members, students and experts in the field of the thesis work. After the presentation, TDJ asks questions to evaluate the thesis work and the candidate. 
  • After the defense, TDJ can directly accept the thesis or grant at most three months to the candidate so that he/she can complete some additional work asked by the TDJ. If the thesis work is still found unsatisfactory after this period, then the student has to leave the program.

For all other rules and regulations, please read the Bylaws of Graduate Studies in Bogazici University:

*: A full-time professor is a faculty member with the title of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor or Professor.

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