Engineering Faculty HSS Courses




HIST 101-102 Historical Method and Thought I,II 

HIST 111 Introduction to Western European, Mediterranean, and Islamic Civilizations (from Antiquity to the end of the Middle Ages) 

HIST 112 Western Societies, Politics, and Cultures: Renaissance to Modern Era 

HIST 221 Pre-Ottoman Turkish History 

HIST 222 Ottoman History:The Classic Period 

HIST 321 Late Ottoman History 

HIST 322 History of Modern Turkey 

HIST 401- 402 Historiography I,II 

HIST 105 -106 Making of the Modern World I,II 

HIST 203 -204 Introduction to Archaeology 

HIST 211 -212 Ancient History 

HIST 213 -214 Social and Economic History of Medieval Europe (500-1500) 

HIST 231 -232 Islamic History and Civilization 

HIST 310 History of the Americas, 1750 to tpe Present 

HIST 311-312 European Social and Economic History 

HIST 313 -314 History of Asian Civilization I,II 

HIST 323 Intellectual History of the Late Ottoman Empire 

HIST 325- 326 History of the Turkic Peoples 

HIST 335 -336 History of the Byzantine Empire 

HIST 403 History and Anthropology 

HIST 404 History and Archaeology 

HIST 407 History and Architecture 

HIST 408 History and Urbanism 

HIST 411 Nationalism and Imperialsm 1789-1914 

HIST 412 History of War and Revolution 1900-1945 

HIST 415 -416 Seminer in Ottoman History 

HIST 421-422 Ottoman Social and Economic History 

HIST 431-432 Chinese History 

HIST 433-434 Japanese History 

HIST 451 Ottoman Architecture 

HIST 452 Architecture in Republican Turkey 

HIST 455-456 History of Performing Arts in Turkey 


STS 201 Natural History of the Earth 

STS 202 Ancient Technology 

STS 301 Archaeometry I 

STS 302 Archaeometry II 


PHIL 101 Introduction to Philosophy I 

PHIL 104 Critical Thinking 

PHIL 106 Philosophical Texts 

PHIL 111 Introduction to Ancient and Medieval Philosophy 

PHIL 112 Introduction to Modern Philosophy 

PHIL 213 Ancient Philosophy 

PHIL 214 Philosophy in the Middle Ages 

PHIL 222 Philosophy of Science 

PHIL 251 Special Topics in Logic 

PHIL 273 Epistemology 

PHIL 284 Free Will and Determinism 

PHIL 301 Problems of Contemporary Philosophy 

PHIL 302 Continental Philosophy 

PHIL 313 History of Modern Philosophy I 

PHIL 314 History of Modern Philosophy II 

PHIL 339 Philosophy of Logic 

PHIL 341 Ethics 

PHIL 342 The Problem of Perception 

PHIL 351 Philosophy of History 

PHIL 354 Social and Political Philosophy 

PHIL 357 Philosophy of Socaial Sciences 

PHIL 361 Natural Philosophy 

PHIL 371 Philosophical Logic 

PHIL 372 Philosophy of Language 

PHIL 375 Philosophy of Mind 

PHIL 380 Philosophy of Action 

PHIL 382 Ontology 

PHIL 390 Philosophical Schools 

PHIL 400 Current Issues in Philosophy 

PHIL 412 Advanced History of Philosophy 

PHIL 420 Advanced Philosophy of Science 

PHIL 431 Inductive Logic 

PHIL 451 Human Rights and Philosophy of Law 

PHIL 461 Esthetics 

PHIL 470 Philosophy of Mathematics 

PHIL 490 Philosophy of Physics 

PHIL 491 History of Turco-Islamic Thought 


STS 200 Science and Technology as C Contemporary Issues 

STS 230 Theory of Musical Sound 

STS 401 History of Science (Up to the 18th Century) 

STS 410 History of Science(From the 18th century of tpe present) 

STS 421 History of Mathematics 

STS 440 Science in Turkish Civilizations 

STS 480- 499 Special Topics in the History of Science and Technology 


PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 

PSY 102 Essentials of Psychology 

PSY 228 Cognitive Psychology 

PSY 338 Psychology of Adolescence 

PSY 241 Social Psychology 

PSY 242 Social Influences 

PSY 351 Psychology of Personality 

PSY 377 Physiological Psychology 

PSY 411 Theories in Psychology 

PSY 427 Advanced Learning 

PSY 448 Practical Applications in Psychology 

PSY 463 Abnormal Psychology 

PSY 464 Clinical Psychology 

PSY 493- 494- 495- 496-497- 498 Selected Topics in Psychology I-IV 


SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 

SOC 106 Sociological Perspectives 

SOC 221 Social Change and Development 

SOC 227 Sociology of Small Groups 

SOC 272 Culture and Society 

SOC 281 Social Anthropology 

SOC 282 Peasant Studies 

SOC 284 Economic Anthropology 

SOC 285 Family and Kinship 

SOC 320 Sociology of Organizations 

SOC 340 Economy and Society in Camparative Perspective 

SOC 341 Advanced Industrial Societies 

SOC 342 Political Sociology 

SOC 343 State and Society in Comparative Perspective 

SOC 360 Society and Environment 

SOC 368 Sociology of Health 

SOC 371 History of Sociology Theory 

SOC 373 Issues in Sociological Theory 

SOC 387 Urban Antropology 

SOC 430 Sociological Thought in Turkey 

SOC 435 Contemporary Issues in Turkey 

SOC 453 Communication and Media Studies 

SOC 455 Post-Industrial/Post-Modern Debate 

SOC 462 Sociology of Gender 

SOC 465 Selected Topics in demography 

SOC 471 Advanced Issues in Social Theory 

SOC 472 Contemporary Social Theories 

SOC 480- 481 Issues in Contemporary Anthropology I, II 

SOC 482 Sociology of Religion 

SOC 485- 486 Regional Studies I,II 

SOC 490-496- 497- 498- 499 Directed Research and Readings, I,II,III, IV, V 

SOC 491- 492- 493- 494-495 Specialization Seminar I,II,III, IV, V 


AL 201Survey of American Literature 

AL 301 American Poetry-Bradstreet to Dickinson 

AL 302 Twentieth Century American Poetry 

AL 304 The American Novel 

AL 305 The Modern American Novel 

AL 499 Special Topics in American Literature 

CL 103 Classical Literature 

CL 211 Introduction to the Novel and The Short Story 

CL 300 The Epic 

CL 301 The Medieval World 

CL 302 Folk Literature 

CL 303-304 The European Novel I, II 

CL 311 Mythology 

CL 401- 402 Literary Criticism I,II 

CL 499 Special Topics in Comparative Literature 

CL 451 Narrative Forms and Techniques 

CL 452 Analysis of Poetry 

CL 453 Satire 

DRA 202 Introduction to Drama 

DRA 204 Modern Drama 

DRA 301 The Drama of Greece and Rome 

DRA 304 Restoration and Eighteenth Century Drama 

DRA 311 Elizabethan and Jacobean Drama 

DRA 401 American Drama 

DRA 451 Tragedy and Comedy 

EL 101-102 Survey of English Literature I,II 

EL 112 Cultural History of England 

EL 202 The Sixteenth Century / The English Renaissance 

EL 205 The English Novel 

EL 301 The Seventeenth Century 

EL 302 The Augustan Age 

EL 304 The Earlier English Romantics 

EL 307 Modern English Novel 

EL 309 The Later English Romantics 

EL 310 Chaucer 

EL 311-312 Shakespeare in his Age I,II 

EL 401 Studies in Shakespeare 

EL 499 Special Topics in English Literature 

EL 405 Victorian Poetry and Prose 

EL 408 Modern English Poetry 

EL 412 Research and Wrinting 

ENGL 101- 102 Introduction to Literary Scholarship I,II 

ENGL 111 Expository Wrinting 

ENGL 112 Expository Wrinting II 

ENGL 201 Structure of Modern English 

ENGL 302 Sources and Development of Modern English 

ENGL 311 History of The English Language I 

FA 341 History of the Cinema 

FA 342 Aesthetics of the Cinema 

FA 343- 344 Cinema as Art Form and Communication Medium I,II 

FA 201Anatolian Arts and Cultures from Prehistoric Times to the End of the Clsassical Ages I 

FA 202 Anatolian Arts and Cultures from Prehistoric Times to the End of the Classical Ages II ) 

FA 211 Monumental Structures of Istanbul Through the Ages I 

FA 212 Monumental Structures of Istanbul Through the Ages II 

FA 311 A General History of European Painting and Sculpture I 

FA 312 A General History of European Painting and Sculpture II 

FA 313 Museums and Cultural Heritage 

FA 360-361 The Art of Dance I-II 

FA 323- 324 History of Turkish Painting I,II 

FA 325 Western Painting in the Nineteenth Century 

FA 326 Western Painting in the Twentieth Century 

FA 351- 352 The Play and the Stage I,II 

FA 341- 342 Art of Our Times: The History and Criticism o Recent International Art 

FA 343-344 Photography in the Artistic Context: History and Criticism I,II 

FA 441- 442 History of Painting and Sculpture in the U.S.A. I,II 

FA 480- 481 Special Topics in Culture and Art 

FA 333-334 Introduction to Music I,II 

FA 335-336 World Popular Music I,II 

FA 321 Jazz Styles:History and Analysis 

FA 323- 324 Music Appreciation I,II 

FA 325- 326 Vocal Music Appreciation I,II 

FA 327 Music: Theory and Appreciation 


EC 210 Evolution of World Economy 

EC 211 Contemporary World Economy (20th Century) 

EC 312 Comparative Schools of Thought in Economics 

EC 415 Selected Topics on the International Economy since 1750 

EC 475 European Union, The Costums Union and Turkey 

EC 310 Economic History of Europe 

EC 311 Economic History of the Ottoman Empire 

EC 313 Comparative History of Business and Finance 

EC 315 Economic History of Turkey 


POLS 101 Introduction to Political Science 

POLS 102 Constitutional and Administrative Law 

POLS 201 History of Political Thought I 

POLS 202 History of Political Thought II 

POLS 306 contemporary Political Ideologies 

POLS 217 Diplomatic History I 

POLS 218 Diplomatic History II 

POLS 245 Introduction to Turksih Politics 

POLS 315 Comparative Political Siystems 

POLS 316 Comparative Politics 

POLS 332 Political Sociology 

POLS 341 Introduction to International Relations 

POLS 348 Problems and Issues in Turkish Politics 

POLS 413 Comparative Party Systems and Interest Groups 

POLS 420 International Political Economy 

POLS 251 Introduction to Political Economy 

POLS 252 Social Policy 

POLS 261 Politics and Law 

POLS 304 Development of Contemporary Democracies 

POLS 305 Politics of Nationalism and Ethnicity 

POLS 308 Politics in Developing Countries 

POLS 313 American Politics and Society Through Literature 

POLS 317 Politics and Society in the Middle East 

POLS 320 Politics in Asia and the Pacific 

POLS 322 Japanese Politcal and Economic Dynamics 

POLS 405 Communications and Politic 

POLS 409 Comtemporary American Politics 

POLS 410 Political Behavior 

POLS 411 American Government 

POLS 417 From Weimar to Berlin 

POLS 419 Eastern European Politics 

POLS 421 Comperative State and Bureaucracy 

POLS 423 Comparative Political Economy 

POLS 425 Politics of Caucasus and Central Asia 

POLS 426 Balkan Politics 

POLS 427 Environment and Politics 

POLS 433 Public Policy 

POLS 453 Comparative and International Politics of the Middle East 

POLS 468 Comparative Politics of Small States 

POLS 338 Turkish Foreign Policy 

POLS 346 International Organizations 

POLS 435 Issues In Turkish Foreign Policy 

POLS 437 Diplomatic Correspondence 

POLS 438 Diplomatic Negotiations 

POLS 439 Diplomacy and Foreign Policy Analysis 

POLS 440 Current Issues In World Politics 

POLS 442 Theories of International Relations 

POLS 443 Strategic Studies 

POLS 444 Middle East In World Politics 

POLS 445 European Integration 

POLS 446 European Security 

POLS 447 Soviet Successor States In World Politics 

POLS 449 International Conflict Analysis 

POLS 454 The Black Sea In World Politics 

POLS 455 North-South Relations 

POLS 463 International Law 

POLS 464 The Law of International Institutions 

POLS 312 Major Theoretical Approaches to the Study of Politics 

POLS 328 Classical Social Theory 

POLS 336 Great Theoristis and Political Theory 

POLS 337 Sociology of Law 

POLS 404 Religion And Society 

POLS 408Democratic Theory 

POLS 415 Political Psychology 

POLS 416 Literature and Politics 

POLS 466 Human Rights: Theory and Practice 

POLS 471 Current Debates in Social and Political Theory 

POLS 473 Philosophy of Social Sciences 

POLS 474 Islam and Politics 

POLS 475 Gender and Politics 

POLS 483 Selected Topics In Political Theory 

POLS 247 Administrative Law 

POLS 309 Political Economy of Contemporary Turkey 

POLS 318 State And Bureaucracy In Turkey 

POLS 451 Ottoman Political And Social Institutions 

POLS 480- 481 Field Research Workshop I,II 


GER 401- 402 20th Century German Literature I,II 

GER 421 Modern German Literature I 

GER 422 Modern German Literature I,II 

FR 401 Modern French Literature I 

FR 402 Modern French Literature II 

FR 421 French Civilization I 

FR 422 French Civilization II 

AE 101 English Through Public Speaking and Drama I 

AE 102 English through Public Speaking and Drama II 

AE 141 English for Self-Expression I 

AE 142 English for Self-Expression II 

AE 121 Critical Reading 

AE 131 English for International Relations 


ESC 301 The Environmental Dimension 


PA 393 Art and Architecture of Historical Capitals 

PA 395 Art and Architecture of Historical Capitals 

PA 396 Art and Architecture of Ancient Anatolia 


ATA 501 Sources, Methods and Approaches in Turkish History 

ATA 502 Legal Reforms in Turkish History 

ATA 510 Economic and Social History of Turkey. 

ATA 513 Turkish Social and Political Thought 

ATA 515 Economic and Social History of the Middle East since 1800 

ATA 516 The Contemporary Turkic World 

ATA 517 Political Modernization in Turkey: the Late Ottoman Background 

ATA 518 Political Modernization in Turkey: the Republican Era 

ATA 520 Political Economy of the Middle East and Central Asia 

ATA 524 Foreign Policy of the Republic 

ATA 526 History of the Balkans from the Ottoman Period to the Present 

ATA 527 Current Issues in the Balkans and Turkey 

ATA 528 Imperial Russia 1725-1917 

ATA 529 19th Century Russian Intellectual History 

ATA 530 History of the Soviet Union 

ATA 531 Social History of Late Ottoman/Turkish Art and 

ATA 532 Social History of Art and Literature in the Republican Era 

ATA 533 History of Eastern Europe

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