SWE 588 Sp. Tp. Advanced Algorithms 2015 Fall


Course Program: 

Course definition in the university catalog format: SWE 588 Special Topics in Software Engineering: Advanced Algorithms (3+0+0) 3

Divide-and-conquer algorithms. Randomized algorithms. Greedy algorithms. Dynamic programming. Linear programming and reductions. Approximation algorithms.


Prerequisite: SWE510 or equivalent


Introduction: The aim of this course is to familiarize the student with some general algorithm design techniques, like divide-and-conquer, randomized algorithms, greedy algorithms, dynamic programming and linear programming. Ways of coping with NP-completeness, such as approximation algorithms, and intelligent exhaustive search, will be examined.

Topics (subject to change): 1. Quick review of SWE510 2. Divide-and-conquer algorithms 3. Randomized algorithms 4. Greedy algorithms 5. Dynamic programming 6. Linear programming and reductions 7. Intelligent exhaustive search 8. Approximation algorithms

Computer Usage: None

Laboratory projects: None.


“Algorithms,” by Sanjoy Dasgupta, Christos H. Papadimitriou, and Umesh Vazirani. McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math, 2006.


First and second midterm grades, as well as the final exam grades:

17 84 55
x x x
95 80 75
13 50 65
73 76 77
x x x
58 84 51


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