CmpE 545 Artificial Neural Networks 2018 Spring


Course Schedule: 

FFF 345 BM A5 | BM A5 | BM A5

Course Program: 

Note: Since CmpE 544 was not offered last semester, CmpE 545 this semester will contain the most important topics of the two.

Course description: Neural networks are composed of interconnected processing units where the connection weights can be learned from data. We discuss various neural network architectures, learning algorithms, and applications.


  1. Supervised Learning
  2. Bayesian Decision Theory
  3. Parametric Methods
  4. Nonparametric Methods
  5. Multilayer Perceptrons
  6. Deep Learning
  7. Radial Basis Functions and Mixture of Experts
  8. Combining Multiple Learners
  9. Reinforcement Learning
  10. Design and Analysis of Experiments


E. Alpaydın Introduction to Machine Learning, MIT Press, 3rd ed. 2014. You are not obliged to buy the book; lecture slides are available for download at


  • Homeworks: %30
  • Project %40
  • Final %30

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