CmpE 362 Signal Proc. For Computer.Eng. 2015 Spring



Course Schedule: 

ThFF856 ETA A2, ETA A2, ETA A2

Course Program: 


  • Introduction
  • Signal processing applications in computer engineering
  • Basics of continuous-time and discrete-time signals and systems.
  • Floating point representation, quantization errors
  • Linear  time-invariant systems; Convolution.
  • Fourier Series representation of continuous-time and discrete-time Periodic signals; properties of Fourier series; filtering concepts.
  • The continuous time Fourier transform and its properties
  • The Fourier transform for periodic signals.
  • Sampling and discretization of continuous-time signals.
  • The z-transform and its properties
  • Analysis of discrete-time systems using z-transform
  • The discrete-time Fourier transform and its properties
  • Algorithms for signal and image processing
  • Applications

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