XPath Language Parser For Validating Financial Documents

XPath Language Parser For Validating Financial Documents

Turkey is in the process of changing from paper bills to electronic documents. These files carry/store crucial information and assumed valid under governmental issues, therefore they should be validated. In the business world, such documents are stored in UBL format as an XML file, and they are validated against a schematron file. Schematron assertions are written with XPath expressions, .NET environment does not support XPath 2.0 and above, however there is already version 3.1, and workarounds yield poor performance. There are a lot of companies who use .NET in their business applications and they do not have a native solution in their implementation environment. In order to increase utilization for such companies a native solution should be implemented/provided. With this application I intent to address the performance issue of validating financial documents with schematron in .NET environment.

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Ahmet Enes Bayraktar

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Suzan Üsküdarlı

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  • Fall

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