Turkish Sentiment Analysis on Twitter

Turkish Sentiment Analysis on Twitter

My project is about analyzing current status of a person or institution or organization on society by using Twitter. What do people think about an institution? Is the general judiciary positive or negative? Or neutral? Twitter is a platform where people can instantly share their thoughts. Users around the world post around 350,000 new tweets every minute. This may create a big data about related person or institution or organization. When this data is analyzed emotionally, the result represents the general thought about that subject. Therefore, Twitter is now a hugely valuable resource from which we can extract insights by using sentiment analysis.

There are many libraries making sentiment analysis on English. However, it is not common for Turkish. My purpose is to create a sentiment analyzer for Turkish. Turkish has its own word structure so it is necessary to make stemming special to Turkish.

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Project Members: 

Furkan Şenharputlu

Project Advisor: 

Ali Taylan Cemgil

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Project Year: 

  • Spring

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