REBUS 1.0 is a text analysis tool that generates dendrograms to show the entropic correlations among the words of a given text.

It applies entropy agglomeration (EA) by computing the projection entropies (PE) among the words according to their occurences in the text's paragraphs.

REBUS 1.0 is under GNU General Public License.

This work was funded by Boğaziçi University Research (BAP Project 8340)

> What is REBUS 1.0?  

> See the notes for using REBUS 1.0  

> Download the REBUS 1.0 poster in Modern ML+NLP Workshop at #NIPS2014  Conference

> Access at

> Download REBUS 1.0 source code  

> Download example results for Ulysses (1922) by James Joyce


On REBUS 1.0, you can refer to our workshop paper:

Fidaner, I. B. & Cemgil, A. T. (2014) Clustering Words by Projection Entropy, NIPS 2014 Modern ML+NLP Workshop.


On entropy agglomeration (EA), you can refer to our conference paper:

Fidaner, I. B. & Cemgil, A. T. (2013) Summary Statistics for Partitionings and Feature Allocations. In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 26.


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