Proactive Wide Area Network Diagnostics

Proactive Wide Area Network Diagnostics

Throughput of any process is the main indicator of the quality of a system. Whether it is the speed of the storage unit, random access memory or internet connection; throughput is the rst system performance metric to consider when choosing a system design. Since the creation of the internet, most of the research and development was focused on increasing the speed and reliability of the connection. Internet service providers, access point manufacturers and many competed to sell best product which can provide fastest network connection. As the internet infrastructure and networking methods evolve providing a stable internet connection is always a challenge. In this project, we are aiming to detect wide are network problems and bottlenecks without being provided a whole network topology. Main challenge is detecting wide area network problems with only limited infrastructure access. We are using active tests and passive pro ling to measure the quality of service of the network.

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Recep Deniz Aksoy

Project Advisor: 

Tuna Tuğcu

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  • Spring

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