Micelle-based Targeted Transmission in Molecular Communication

Micelle-based Targeted Transmission in Molecular Communication

Molecular communication is a biologically inspired networking paradigm for communication among biological nanomachines. In molecular communication, molecules are used to encode and to decode, rather than electrons or electromagnetic waves. Nanomachines are made of biological materials, so they cannot recognize traditional communication means (i.e., electrons or electromagnetic waves).

In this project, we have focused the propagation phase which information molecules move from the sender bio-nanomachines through the environment to the receiver bio-nanomachine. Information molecule is selected as DNA which consists of A-T \& G-C base pairs. Information is encoded as base pairs A-T corresponds bit 1 and base pairs G-C corresponds bit 0. Moreover, interface molecule protects information molecules from noise in the environment is selected as micelle.

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Melike Ermiş

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Tuna Tuğcu

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  • Spring

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