Evaluation Of Movie Recommendation Algorithms

Evaluation Of Movie Recommendation Algorithms

Recommendation systems are gaining importance, especially with the development of new technologies and advanced machine learning algorithms. However, in the of case recommending items to users we have to be very careful about which dimensions to consider. We have to consider the domain of recommendation and also the purpose of the recommendation. Moreover, we have to come up with the best system, given the data we have, that is good at recommending items to the users. In our study, we will be building up a movie recommendation system that is evaluated using certain metrics such as MAE, MSE and RMSE. We will be closely interested in the performance of such a recommender system as we apply certain algorithms. The algorithms that we will be applying are User-User Collaborative Filtering, Item-Item Collaborative Filtering and Singular Value Decomposition.

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Abdurrahim Eskin
İsmail Levent Baş

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Fikret Gürgen

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  • Fall

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