Concolic Testing on Smart Contracts

Concolic Testing on Smart Contracts

After design of Ethereum blockchain completed, smart contracts, which are execution of programs on EVM, has risen up. Smart contracts have shown to be applicable in many domains including financial industry, public sector and cross-industry. Smart contracts can handle large numbers of virtual coins, in our case called Ethereum(ETH), worth of thousand of dollars. This huge money network easily making financial incentives high enough to attract adversaries. Since Ethereum operates in permissionless networks which arbitrary participants can join, execution of contracts are vulnerable to manipulations. Those manipulations may cause money freezing and stealing. Since after deploying a smart contract to blockchain ledger, it is impossible to update it. Therefore, static analysis before deployment is required. In this project, we will take aim to develop a concolic testing engine for EVM Smart Contracts. We expect to complete a basic engine for concolic testing and catch the most famous security bugs with higher percentage compared to other tools.

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Emirhan Saraç

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Alper Şen

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Project Year: 

  • Spring

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