Compiling a lexicon of Turkish multi-word expressions

Compiling a lexicon of Turkish multi-word expressions

A multi-word expression (MWE) is a lexeme (term) made up of a sequence of two or more lexemes that has properties that are not predictable from the properties of the individual lexemes or their normal mode of combination. In short, a MWE is like an idiom. In several languages, there are built-in dictionaries of MWEs. In this project, we aim at forming a dictionary (lexicon) of MWEs for Turkish.

First read the paper “PARSEME Survey on MWE Resources”, Losnegaard, G.S., Sangati, F., Escartin, C.P., Savary, A., Bargmann, S. and Monti, J., Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, 2016. This paper is an output of a European project (PARSEME) on MWEs. It explains the methodology and gives a structure for building such lexicons.

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Tunga Güngör

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  • Spring

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