Adapting Full Body Synergies

Adapting Full Body Synergies

Adapting Full Body Synergies project is an analysis on humans’ way of controlling motor movements. Instead of controlling all degrees of freedom separately, brain tends to use combinations of motor synergies to perform a movement, which is more efficient. After conforming this capability of humans, the synergies are extracted to perform further analysis on human learning. This is an important question to tackle in order to understand how human central nervous system works in adaptation of difficult tasks. First, the data from a periodic movement, walking, is collected as the base reference. Then, the same movement with a constraint on it is performed multiple times. In this research, the aim is to see if the synergies extracted from the restricted movement will eventually converge to the base synergies after the subject learns how to perform the constrained version of the movement.

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Ezgi Tekdemir

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Emre Uğur

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  • Spring

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