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CmpE Events

Tuesday, November 1st

  1. CmpE Seminar: Prof. Shmuel Peleg, Video Without Photographers
    • Start time: 12:00pm, Tuesday, November 1st
    • End time: 01:00pm, Tuesday, November 1st
    • Where: BM - AVS Seminar Room
    • Bogazici Univ. Dept. of Computer Engineering cordially invites all
      interested to a
      talk by Prof. Shmuel Peleg, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

      Date: 1 November 2016, 12:00-13:00
      Location: Bogazici University, Computer Engineering Building, Ali
      Vahit Şahiner Seminar Room

      Video Without Photographers
      Most bits transmitted and stored in the digital universe represent
      pixels in video, mostly video taken without photographers. Such video
      is continuous and unstructured, and is mostly never accessed or used.
      I will address two types of videos: Surveillance Video and Wearable
      Video, and will describe some of the efforts we do to increase its
      accessibility and usability. I will briefly describe synopsis of
      surveillance video, already in use for viewing in short time very long
      surveillance videos. I will than describe analysis of wearable cameras
      (e.g. GoPro), where motion computed from the video can help determine
      the activity of the photographer. Motion cues in the video can also
      help link videos shot by the same photographer (not visible in the
      video), and link videos showing the same activity. I will conclude by
      describing a method to create stable fast-forward from shaky videos of
      wearable cameras.

      Shmuel Peleg received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the
      University of Maryland in 1979. In 1981 he became a faculty member at
      the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where he is a Professor of Computer
      Science. Shmuel served as the first chairman of the Institute of
      Computer Science at The Hebrew University from 1990 to 1993. Shmuel
      published over 150 technical papers in computer vision and image
      processing, and holds 22 US patents. His technologies provided the
      technical foundations to several startup companies; two companies are
      located in Israel: (i) HumanEyes Technologies Ltd. creates and prints
      stereoscopic 3D images. (ii) BriefCam Ltd. creates short summaries of
      long surveillance video, able to summarize hours of surveillance video
      in minutes. Shmuel served as an editor and committee member of
      numerous international journals and conferences, and was the general
      co-chair of the international conferences ICPR 1994, CVPR 2011, and
      ICCP 2013. He was elected a general co-chair of CVPR 2018. In 2012, he
      co-founded the Computer Vision Foundation, co-sponsoring the CVPR and
      ICCV conferences with the IEEE, making their papers available open

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