ICMI 2014

The International Conference on Multimodal Interaction, ICMI 2014, will take place at Bogazici University, Istanbul (Turkey), November 12-16th, 2014.

Gürkan Gür

Gürkan Gür wins the BAP doctoral thesis award.

PhD Graduates

15 PhD graduates from Computer Engineering

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Yapay öğrenme

Ethem Alpaydın's Introduction to Machine Learning is now in Turkish


ACM-ICPC Prgramming Winter Camp was held in Bogazici

Senior Projects

2014 Spring graduates presented their senior projects.

Department Overview

The Computer Engineering Department (CmpE), with its 21 full-time faculty members, holds the largest research groups on Computer and Sensor Networks, Video and Image Processing, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Turkey.

With approximately 200 graduate students, enrolled in 2-year Master of Science (with thesis) and PhD programs, CmpE has the largest graduate program in Turkey.

The undergraduate program in computer engineering is designed so that students have a balanced background in computer hardware, software, and computer applications, and that they can adopt themselves to rapidly changing technology in their professional carrier.

The research labs and the research projects span a wide spectrum ranging from embedded system design and real time operating systems to parallel, distributed and ubiquitous computing and multi-agent systems, including various aspects such as multimedia communications, security, and human computer interaction.

Upcoming Events


  1. CLASSES BEGIN 9:00am-9:00am
  2. Online Registrations for Rejected Students - OPEN 10:00am-10:00am
  3. Online Registrations for Rejected Students - CLOSED 7:00pm-7:30pm


  1. CmpE 579 Seminar: "A Portable High-Productivity Approach to Program Heterogeneous Systems" by Dr. Zeki Bozkuş 12:00pm-1:00pm
    • Start time: 12:00pm
    • End date: Tuesday, September 23rd
    • End time: 01:00pm
    • Published: Monday, September 22nd
    • Description:

      Speaker: Dr. Zeki Bozkuş

      Title: A Portable High-Productivity Approach to Program Heterogeneous

      The exploitation of heterogeneous resources is becoming increasingly
      important for general purpose computing.
      Unfortunately, heterogeneous systems require much more effort to be
      programmed than the traditional single or even multi-core computers most
      programmers are familiar with.
      Not only new concepts, but also new tools with different restrictions must
      be learned and applied. Additionally, many of these approaches are specific
      to one vendor or device, resulting in little portability or rapid
      obsolescence for the applications built on them. Open standards for
      programming heterogeneous systems such as OpenCL contribute to improve the
      situation, but the requirement of portability has led to a programming
      interface more complex than that of other approaches. In this presentation
      we present a novel library-based approach to programming heterogeneous
      systems that couples portability with ease of use. Our evaluations indicate
      that while the performance of our library, called Heterogeneous Programming
      Library (HPL), is on par with that of OpenCL, the current standard for
      portable heterogeneous computing, the programming effort required by HPL is
      3 to 10 times smaller than that of OpenCL based on our implementation of
      five benchmarks.

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