IROS 2013 Workshop on Neuroscience and Robotics

Towards a robot-enabled, neuroscience-guided healthy society

Tokyo, Japan, November 3rd, 2013

Call for Papers

In this full-day workshop, we aim to bring together researchers from both robotics and neuroscience in order to explore how to maximize the progress at the multidisciplinary frontier of robotic-for neuroscience and neuroscience-for-robotics.

The workshop will include invited and contributed talks, and poster presentations. We welcome contributions on any aspect of augmentative robotics and companion robots.


The topics that are indicative but by no means exhaustive are as follows:

  • Augmentative Robotics
    • Brain like adaptation
    • Brain robot interfaces (BRI)
    • Lightweight exoskeletons, wearable robots
    • Experimental platforms for investigating brain functions
    • Learning
    • Feed-forward interfaces, feedback interfaces
    • Invasive interfaces, non-invasive interfaces
    • Novel actuation systems, novel sensory systems (e.g. artificial skins)

  • Companion Robots
    • Brain like cognition
    • Biologically plausiable computational models
    • Brain inspired motor control
    • Models of sensorimotor learning
    • Intention inference
    • Human behaviour understanding
    • Human like behaviour
    • Physical compliance
    • Emotion modelling
    • Assistive systems
    • Android science