In 2018, I won't be accepting any new graduate research students.

Information for Prospective students

I am interested in working with motivated students, at graduate and undergraduate level.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining PI-LAB-SIGMA (Perceptual Intelligent Lab - Statistical Inference Group for Modelling and Analysis of data). Note that sometimes I am busy and can not swiftly reply to your email.

I can offer guidance for graduate students and final year projects (CmpE 491/492), in various fields related to

  • machine learning,

  • statistical signal processing,

  • scientific data analysis,

  • Monte Carlo methods

  • information retrieval,

  • finance

  • stochastic optimal control, markov decision processes

  • applications

    • communications

    • audio

    • music

    • vision

    • robotics

Here, you find a long list of project titles. See Project Ideas for Masters and 491/492 Students. If you are interested in a specific topic outside of this list, feel free to contact me.

Funding Possibilities

For graduate students, there are various funding possibilities during their graduate studies. The situation is better for those who pass the proficiency exam (yeterlilik).

  • TUBITAK, BAP or EU Research Projects,

  • Industrial Consultancy/Research Projects,

  • Employment at BOUN Technopark, at Algosis – a spinoff startup working on algorithmic trading and finacial data analysis,

For international students, the funding opportunities are unfortunately quite limited. Please send me an email for current information. Tubitak (Turkish Research Council) provides some funding for foreign students. Please check their funding op.

PhD students

I am always interested in working with motivated PhD students.

Experience has shown that full-time comittment is mandatory for sufficient progress and I will supervise PhD students working in the industry in only very special circumstances, such as working in a Industrial collaboration project.

After you are finished with your coursework, you take a proficiency exam that tests your general knowledge about Machine Learning, Statistics, Probability theory and Algorithms. A detailed list of keywords, the structure and material to prepare for the written and oral exam is in the PiLab Proficiency Exam Document.

CMPE MSc Students

For masters students that wish to work under my supervision, I typically expect that you took at least one of my graduate courses on [Bayesian Statistics/Machine Learning (58K), Monte Carlo (58N). For undergraduates, this is desirable bu not required.

As a project topic, depending on your interests and background, it is possible to focus on theoretical aspects or on application development.

In any case, you have to start thinking about your thesis topic at least one semester before you plan to start officially your thesis work.

If you are not from CMPE but are an EE or IE student, we can also work together via joint supervision where you need a departmental supervisor.

CSE Students

  • To work with me, I expect Computational Science and Engineering students to take CmpE 250 (Data Structures) and CmpE 482 (Numerical Linear Algebra) with me as a remedial, if you haven't done so. Note that this takes typically one more extra year and you can not take any classes before successfully finishing these courses. Hence, please contact me well in advance and participate in these classes as a guest student.

FA, SWE Students

  • I prefer students that have taken at least one grad course with me. Please contact me personally.

Summer Interns

The summer period is a good time for focusing on research. We can provide lab space for enhausiastic and interested 3rd and 4th year students. Typically, there is a self study period followed by participation in research with close guidance of a grad student. You can then continue your research as your CmpE491/Cmpe492 project. This is a good opportunity if you are also planning to apply for grad school abroad.

Formal Procedure for all CmpE Masters students

  • You need to prepare a draft thesis proposal before taking the MSc thesis course CMPE690

  • We need to send your final thesis proposal to the faculty list for approval

  • A CmpE form is filled with the thesis title and signed by the department vice-chair

  • The form needs to be sent to FBE