CmpE 443 Principles of Embedded Systems Design 2020 Fall


Course Schedule: 

WWTh 674 Zoom

Lab Schedule: 

Lab 01: WW23 (Zoom) 
Lab 02: WW45 (Zoom) Lab 03: WW89 (Zoom)

Course Program: 

  1. Introduction to Embedded Systems 
  2. Properties of Embedded Systems 
  3. Embedded processing platforms 
  4. Embedded Systems Modeling 
  5. Coding for embedded systems 
  6. Memory map 
  7. Interrupts 
  8. Peripherals 

Coding for embedded systems (tentative):

  1. Embedded system coding in C/C++
  2. Mixing (C and Assembly) or (Matlab and C)
  3. Coding for low power. 
  4. Test Driven Development 
  5. Sanity and health. Code protection levels

Peripherals (tentative)

  1. GPIO, Timers, PWM
  2. ADC, DAC
  3. Serial Communication

Reference Books: 

LPC408x/407x User manual, Rev. 3, 12 March 2014.

Cortex-M4 Devices, Generic User Guide

LPC408x/7x, Product data sheet, Rev. 3, 11 January 2017.

Yifeng Zhu, "Embedded Systems with ARM® Cortex-M Microcontrollers in Assembly Language and C, 2015, E-Man



In the course, we anticipate the following graded activities:

  • Pre-lecture assignments, quizzes
  • In-class group/individual activities: discussion, design problems, pop-up quizzes
  • Pre-lab quizzes
  • In-lab hands-on guided labs
  • Out-of-class Coding/Design submissions

Each activity will have a unique grade.

Note that there are no midterms. Final exam will also be implemented as one of the above activities.

Your letter grade will be given by using Moodle’s activity percentage: If your activity percentage is above 90%, then you will receive AA. If it is above 80%, then BA and so on. This scale goes down until 50%. Above 45% will get DC and above 40% will get DD.


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