Adaptive Smart Home

Adaptive Smart Home

Morning routines of people differ from each other and include some similarities. On this topic, various practices and studies have been performed. We studied on sleep quality of users and connected it with morning schedule. On one hand, we measured sleep actions of users. Our experiment provided us useful data to analyze and comment sleep quality of users. We defined sleep cycles for users and calculated an appropriate alarm clock. User should define a gap time before alarm clock for early wake up. We decide if user should sleep whole gap time or it may wake up earlier according to its quality of sleep.
On the other hand, we tried to improve quality of morning routine. We can access any connected device and system in the house to apply morning schedule of user. User sets its morning events via our application before sleep and when alarm clock will arrive in the morning, connected things will be turned on in scheduled order. So, user can finish its morning routine faster and use this saved time to leave home earlier or sleep more.
In conclusion, we studied to build a meaningful sleep analyzer method with respect to user data. That can be improved with user interaction, more sleep sensor and with any related sciences such as biology and psychology. In addition, we tried to build a simple connected system to show our idea in physical according to our limitations. Any more connected item or system can be added to house. In the end, our project can be applied to any new smart houses.

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Özgür Hamdi Akaoğlu
Emre Bilgili

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Arda Yurdakul

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  • Spring

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