CmpE 492 Spec. Project In Computer Engineering 2016 Spring


Course Program: 

Instructions for 491/492 Project Selection and Registration

1.    Read project descriptions posted by CmpE project advisors, discuss projects you are interested in with project advisors and decide on a project.

2.    Note that your GPA must be over 2.00 to register for a 491 project.
3.    Fill the registration form Microsoft Office document iconcmpe_491-492_registrationform.doc and get the approval of your project advisor.
4.    Return the registration form, approved by your project advisor, to the CmpE 491/492 coordinator before the registration period ends. The current coordinator is Tunga Güngör.

5.    Enroll to CmpE 491/492 through the Registration system.
6.    Repeat the above steps, if you want to make a change in your project selection.


Midterm and final project submissions


You need to submit a printed midterm report to your adviser and to the coordinator. This report has to be a draft version of your final report, showing clearly the sections that are finished or in progress. The deadline for the midterm report submission is Wednesday 23rd March 2016.


On Thursday 2nd June 2016 you have to submit your final project.  Please use the final report template Filecmpe_491_492_report_template.docx for your report.  On the same day you have to present your project in a poster presentation.  The submission of your project has to cover the following items:

1- Your project report. This is a detailed exposition, including an introduction to the subject, a short discussion of related work, your approach and methodology, your results (experimental or otherwise), a discussion of the results, your conclusion, and properly formatted references. Remember that you should use your own words when writing this report. Any sentence you copy from other sources must be in quotation marks, and properly referenced to make clear that you are not the author of that sentence.

2- A poster describing your work. You will present the poster personally. The top three projects will receive awards. Please check the Internet on how to design a successful poster, do not put too much text on it, make sure a non-computer science person can follow the flow of ideas in the poster, and if possible, put your own photos next to the title, so that we know to whom the poster belongs.

3- The code and experiments (and all documentation), delivered in electronic form.

4- A short video (do NOT exceed five minutes) uploaded to YouTube that describes the project. Please watch ( is external)) to get an idea about how a project can be presented in a short video. Another good project presentation is ( is external)). Please start your video by displaying a title slide for 5 seconds. The template is available from
Provide information under the video that contains project title, your name(s), department and university information, date, what this project is (a BS graduation project), what the project achieves in a few sentences, and a link to the pdf version of your project report. Make sure the text contains the words 'Bogazici University, Department of Computer Engineering, Graduation Project, Spring 2016' to help search engines.

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