This year's HBU workshop, in addition to covering the main themes of human behavior understanding, specifically deals with behavior analysis and multimedia for children.

The minimum age of computer usage is steadily getting lower, yet there are many issues open in children's use of computers and multimedia. This workshop will solicit human behavior analysis solutions that clearly advance the field, and also to meet challenges of designing solutions with children in mind, which brings its own issues and challenges. The covered topics may span items from each of the following topic dimensions, as well as target a focus theme challenge:

Human Behavior Analysis Systems

Action and activity recognition
Affect analysis
Social signal processing
Face analysis
Gestures and haptic interaction
Voice and speech analysis
Learning and adaptation
Gaze, attention and saliency

Theory and Methodology of Human Behavior

Theoretical frameworks of behavior analysis
Data collection, annotation, and benchmarking
User studies and human factors
Interaction design
Temporal models


Visual and digital arts
Games and entertainment
Healthcare and well-being

Focus Theme Challenges: Behavior analysis for children

Age estimation
Detection of abusive and aggressive behaviors, cyberbullying
Inappropriate content detection
Privacy and ethics of multimedia access for children
Databases collected from children
Monitoring children during social interactions
Investigations into children's interaction with multimedia content