This year's HBU workshop, in addition to covering the main themes of human behavior understanding, specifically deals with behavior analysis for the elderly.

While different aspects of mobile platforms and ubiquitous computing are tackled in several venues, this workshop will solicit human behavior analysis solutions that clearly advance the field, and chart the future of behavior-sensing for elderly, which brings its own issues and challenges. Concrete examples for admissible topics are:

  • Applications for cognitive and physical health

  • Ambient assisted living applications

  • Smart personal assistants

  • Mobile social networks for elderly

  • User mobility modeling

  • Behavioral grouping

  • Participatory sensing

  • Reality mining on phones

  • Behavior analysis for emergency and disaster management

  • Behavior sensing and personalization of mobile devices

  • Context analysis

  • Affective computing on mobile platforms

  • User centric computing

  • Activity and action recognition

  • Mobile technology integration for robotics

  • Benchmarking, databases and simulation tools