Arda Yurdakul


Current PhD Theses

Mehmet Tükel, Customizable embedded processor array for multimedia applications, (co-advised with S. B. Örs)


Current MS Theses

Nour Hilal, Model-based Design of a Road Side Unit for Emergency and Disaster Management in Intelligent Traffic Systems


Salih Bayar, Reconfigurable Network on Chip (NoC) Architectures for Embedded Systems, 2015.


Hasan Erdem Yantır, A Systematic Approach for Register File Design, 2014.

Ender Çulha, Automatic Datapath and Controller Generation for Reconfigurable ASIPs, 2013.

Doğan Fennibay, Real-time Embedded System Modeling by Introducing Hardware-in-the-Loop Concept to SystemC, 2010.

Ömer Çoğal, AFRONOC: An Adaptive Flexible Network-on-Chip Router, 2009.

Ayşe Gaye Soykök, Automatic HW/SW Partitioning for Embedded Systems on Reconfigurable Hardware, 2008.

Gökhan Kabukcu, Design and Implementation of an On-Line CFA Demosaicking Core, 2008.

Bayram Kurumahmut, RH (+): The Model for High-Level Embedded System Design on Runtime Reconfigurable Hardware, 2007.

Nehir Sönmez, SIxD: A Configurable Application-Specific SISD/SIMD Soft-Core, 2006.

Guri Kristine Birkeland, Comparing binary, CSD and CSD4 approaches on the aspect of power consumption in multiplierless FIR filters on FPGAs, 2005.

Afşin Özpınar, Configurable Design and Implementation of the Rijndael Algorithm-AES, 2003.

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CASLAB (Computer Architecture and Systems Laboratory)