CmpE 490 Internet of Things

Co-organized by Arda Yurdakul and Alper Yeğin

Catalog Description:

Overview of IoT. IoT-related technologies: embedded systems, sensors and actuators, wireless connectivity, communication protocols, cloud computing, big data analytics, autonomic computing. Design principles: Standardization and interoperability, privacy, security, user experience. Domain Specific Examples. Business Models.


Consent of Instructor

Time & Place

TTTh 674  at BM B5, B5, B5

All lecture rooms are at Computer Engineering Building, North Campus.

Course Flow 

1.     An overview of Internet of Things (Business Examples, How to create an IoT business)

2.     Fundamental Components of IoT:

a.     Sensing and Acting: Sensors, Actuators, Transducers

b.     Processing: Embedded Systems, IoT Cloud, Cloudlet/Edge/Fog Computing, Data Analytics

c.      Getting connected to Internet: Wireless Connectivity, IoT Application Protocols

3.     Enabling Technologies

a.     Big Data

b.     Design Software

c.      Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

d.     Autonomic Computing

4.     Principles

a.     Interoperability

b.     Security and privacy

c.      User Experience

d.     Standardization

Topics and presenters can be accessed from here. Reading materials will be provided by the presenters.

Grading: (Tentative)

        Quizzes and attendance: 20%

        Attendance to an IoT workshop: 20% (an example is here)

        Midterm 1 & 2: 20% each

        Final Project: 20%