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Ömer Korçak, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher in TAM Research Center, Boğaziçi University.
Member of Computer Networks Research Laboratory (NETLAB) and Satellite Networks Research Laboratory (SATLAB)

E-mail : omer.korcak AT


  • High School : Ankara Ataturk Anadolu Lisesi, 1991-1997.
  • BS : Bogazici University, Computer Engineering, 1997-2002.
  • MS : Bogazici University, Computer Engineering, 2002-2004.
  • Phd: Bogazici University, Computer Engineering, 2004-2009.

    Previously Assisted Courses

  • Cmpe 160 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (Spring 2003, 2004)
  • Cmpe 240 Digital Design (Spring 2003, 2004, 2005)
  • Cmpe 300 Analysis of Algorithms (Spring 2005)
  • Cmpe 344 Computer Organization (Fall 2003, 2004)
  • Cmpe 480 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Fall 2002)

    Research Interests

  • Algoritmic Game Theory
  • Game Theoretical Applications in Wireless Networks
  • Satellite and Space Networks
  • Cognitive Radio Networks
  • All-optical networking with focus on Optical Burst Switching Networks
  • Resource Management in Computer Networks
  • Graph Algorithms


    Journals / Magazines / Series

  • Ö.Korçak, "Equilibrium Strategies of Channel Sensing Game in Cognitive Radio Networks", under revision.
  • Ö.Korçak, F.Alagöz, "Efficient Integration of HAPs and Mobile Satellites for World-wide Mission-critical Networking", under revision.
  • Ö.Korçak, F.Alagöz, "Virtual Topology Dynamics and Handover Mechanisms in Earth-fixed Satellite Systems", Elsevier Computer Networks, vol. 53, no. 9, pp. 1497-1511, June 2009.
  • F.Alagöz, Ö.Korçak, A.Jamalipour, "Exploring the Routing Strategies in Next-Generation Satellite Networks", IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, vol. 14, no. 3, June 2007.
  • Ö.Korçak, F.Alagöz, A.Jamalipour, "Priority-based Adaptive Routing in NGEO Satellite Networks", Wiley's International Journal of Communication Systems, vol. 20, no. 3, pp. 313-333, March 2007.
  • Ö.Korçak, F.Alagöz, "Yeni Nesil Uydu Ağlarında Yol Atama", Iletişim Çağı Dergisi, 4. Sayı, Nisan 2006. (TURKISH)

    International Conference Papers

  • Ö.Korçak, F.Alagöz, "Link-layer Handover in Earth-fixed Satellite Systems", IEEE ICC, Dresden, Germany, Jun. 2009.
  • Ö.Korçak, F.Alagöz, "Efficient Networking in an Integrated HAP and Mobile Satellite System with Optical Links", Sixth IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications Networks (WOCN), Cairo, Egypt, April 2009.
  • Ö.Korçak, F.Alagöz, "Multi-state Virtual Network Architecture for Next Generation Satellite Networks", IEEE GLOBECOM, Washington D.C., Nov. 2007.
  • Ö.Korçak, F.Alagöz, "Traffic Aware Beam Management in Next Generation Satellite Networks" International Workshop on Satellite and Space Communications (IWSSC), Salzburg, Austria, Sept. 2007.
  • Ö.Korçak, F.Alagöz, "Deflection Routing over Prioritized Intersatellite Links in LEO Satellite Networks" 2nd IEEE International Conference on Information & Communication Technologies: from Theory to Applications (ICTTA), Damascus, Syria, April 2006.
  • Ö.Korçak, F.Alagöz, "Analysis of Priority-based Adaptive Routing in Satellite Networks", International Workshop on Satellite and Space Communications (IWSSC), Siena, Italy, Sept. 2005.
  • Ö.Korçak, F.Alagöz, "Priority-based Adaptive Shortest Path Routing for IP over LEO Satellite Networks", 23rd AIAA International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC), Rome, Italy, Sept. 2005.
  • Ö.Korçak, H.G.Çalıklı, I.Kaya, F.Alagöz, "Performance Evaluation of Adaptive and Static Routing Algorithms and Contention Resolution Techniques in LEO Satellite Constellations", IEEE/AIAA Recent Advances in Space Technologies, Istanbul, Turkey, June 2005.
  • Ö.Korçak, M.Zeren, and F.Alagöz, "A New Approach for Wavelength Assignment in Optical Burst Switching Networks", Second IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Optical Communications Networks (WOCN), Dubai, UAE, March 2005.

    Thesis / Books

  • Ö.Korçak, "Learning-based Wavelength Assignment in Optical Burst Switching Networks", MSc Thesis, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey, 2004 (Supervisor: M.Zeren).
  • A.Yurdakul, Ö.Korçak, O.Irfanoğlu, R.Koşar, "Digital Design Experiments with LABVIEW and XILINX-ISE", 244 pages, 23 cm, ISBN: 975-518-219-5, Boğaziçi University Printhouse, February 2004.
  • Ö.Korçak, "Implementation of MEGACO protocol", BSc Thesis, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey, 2002 (Supervisor: M.U.Çağlayan).

    Ongoing Works

  • Ö.Korçak, M.Zeren, F.Alagöz, "Intelligent Wavelength Assignment in Optical Burst Switching Networks", in preparation.


  • SCI Journals: Computer Networks (ComNet), IEEE Journal on Selected Areas of Communications (IEEE JSAC-OCN), Mobile Networks & Applications.
  • International Conferences: ICC, Globecom, ISWPC, IWSSC, ICTTA, ISCIS, ICSPC,...


  • 3rd standing and High Honor Degree, Boğaziçi University, Computer Engineering, 2002.
  • TUBITAK National PhD scholarship, 2005-2009.
  • Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 2007-2010.
  • Marquis Who's Who in World, 2008-2010.

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