CmpE 58E Design and Analysis of Experiments

Spring Semester



  1. [MR07] Douglas C Montgomery, George C Runger (2007). Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers, 4th Edition, John Wiley and Sons.
  2. [M09] Douglas C Montgomery (2009). Design and Analysis of Experiments, 7th Edition, John Wiley and Sons. Available at the bookstore.


  1. [M09] Chap 1: Introduction
  2. [MR07] Chap 7: Sampling Distributions and Point Estimation of Parameters, Chap 8: Statistical Intervals for a Single Sample +
  3. [MR07] Chap 9: Tests of Hypotheses for a Single Sample, Chap 10: Statistical Inference for Two Samples
  4. [M09] Chap 3: Analysis of Variance
  5.  [M09] Chap 4: Experiments with Blocking Factors
  6.  [M09] Chap 5: Factorial Experiments
  7.  [M09] Chap 6: Two-Level Factorial Design
  8.  [M09] Chap 7: Blocking and Confounding in the 2^k Factorial Design (Project proposals due)
  9.  [M09] Chap 8: Two-Level Fractional Factorial Designs
  10.  [M09] , Chap 9: The 3^k Factorial Design
  11.  [M09] Chap 10: Fitting Regression Models & Chap 11: Response Surface Methods and Design
  12.  [M09] Chap 12: Robust Parameter Design and Process Robustness Studies
  13.  [M09] Chap 13: Experiments with Random Factors
  14. Project Presentations

Prerequisite by Topic

Introductory probability and statistics (CmpE 343 or equivalent)

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