CmpE 343 Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Computer Engineers

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Introduction to probability theory. Random variables, expectation, variance and moment generating functions. Distributions: Bernoulli, binomial, uniform, Gaussian, exponential, Poisson, gamma. Introduction to statistical concepts. Sampling and sample statistics. Point and interval estimation. Hypothesis testing. Regression. Numerical and computational aspects of random variable generation, sampling, and estimation.


R. E. Walpole, R. H. Myers, S. L. Myers, K. Ye (2006) Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists, Prentice-Hall (Pearson). (9th edition is available at BU Bookstore, but there is no significant difference in the last few editions, so if you find a copy of 5th edition or later, you should be fine).

Recommended: S. Lipschutz, J. Schiller (1998). Introduction to Probability and Statistics, Schaumís ouTlines, McGraw-Hill.


Prof. Ethem ALPAYDIN

Teaching Assistant

Hasan Ferit Eniser


Math 101.



Introduction LectureNotes1

Probability LectureNotes2

Random Variables and Probability Distributions LectureNotes3

Mathematical Expectation LectureNotes4

Discrete Probability Distributions LectureNotes5

-    Continuous Probability Distributions LectureNotes6

-    Simulating Random Experiments LectureNotes7

Sampling LectureNotes8

Parameter Estimation LectureNotes9

Hypothesis Testing LectureNotes10

Regression LectureNotes11

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