1. -Established in 1863, Bogazici University is one of the top ranking universities in Turkey

  1. -Department of Computer Engineering is accepting the top rank undergraduate and graduate students. Currently the department has close to 500 graduate students.

  1. -With its 70 members NETLAB is the largest research group in Turkey working on computer networks, wireless communications and mobile applications.

  1. -Wireless Sensor Networks Research Group, Wi-Se, with its 20 members, is involved in EU Horizon 2020, FP7, COST, State Planning Organization of Turkey, TUBITAK, Bogazici University Research Fund and private sector funded research activities focusing on ubiquitous computing, applied information processing for ambient intelligence and pervasive health applications, smart homes, smart cities, Internet of Things, mobile/vehicular cloud/fog/edge systems, 5G and beyond, network virtualization and software defined networks, self organized networks, green cellular networks, dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP.

  1. -TETAM, Telecommunications and Informatics Technologies Research Center has been established with the goals: to create a national platform for inter-disciplinary research and applications in all areas related to telecommunications and informatics technologies and to build national and international collaboration including the industry in all related areas.

  1. Pervasive health applications

  2. Smart homes, smart cities

  3. Internet of Things

  4. 5G and beyond, SDN/NFV, SON

  5. Green networking

  6. Vehicular edge/fog computing

  7. Multitier cloud/edge systems

  8. Service Centric Networking

  9. Federated Learning for Computer Networks

  10. Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP

Weekly Schedule


  1. - Wearable Wonders Video Clip (in Turkish with English subtitles)

  2. - EdgeCloudsim developed in our group is available for Edge Computing Simulations.

  3. - Monitoring Parkinson’s Disease Patients (in Turkish)

  4. - Şeyma Erdem completed her MS thesis with the title Gait Analysis using Smart Wearables

  5. - Gorkem Karadeniz completed his MS thesis with the title Simulation Based LoRa Base Station Placement Optimization For Smart City Scenarios

  6. -Deniz Ekiz completed his MS thesis with the title Stress Recognition in Everyday Life

  1. -Cagatay Sonmez completed his PhD thesis with the title “Workload Orchestration For Multi-Tier Multi-Access Edge Computing Systems”

  1. -Turgay Pamuklu completed his PhD thesis with the title “Optimization of Next Generation Solar-Powered Radio Access Networks”

  1. -Yekta Said Can completed his PhD thesis with the title “Stress Detection and Management in Daily Life Using Wearable Sensors”