Emre Ugur


Emre is an Associate Professor in Dept. of Computer Engineering, Bogazici University,
the chair of the Cognitive Science MA Program,
the head of the Cognition, Learning and Robotics (CoLoRs) lab,
received his PhD degree in Computer Engineering from Middle East Technical University (METU, Turkey). He was a research assistant in KOVAN Lab. METU (2003-2009); worked as a research scientist at ATR, Japan (2009-2013); visited Osaka University as a specially appointed Assist.&Assoc. Professor (2015&2016); and worked as a senior researcher in University of Innsbruck (2013-2016). He participated in several projects funded by EU, TUBITAK, and JST. He has been the Principle Investigator of IMAGINE project supported by European Commission, Horizon 2020 Programme; EXO-AI-FLEX project supported by TUBITAK, 1003 program; and DeepSym project supported by TUBITAK, 1001 program. He has have been awarded The Young Scientist Award by the Science Academy (BAGEP) and The Excellence in Teaching Award by the Faculty of Engineering (link) in 2023. He is interested in robotics, robot learning, cognitive robotics. Google scholar page.

  • New MSc, PhD and post-doc positions! Starting from January/June 2024, we have multiple positions in our EU-funded project INVERSE. Please see the link.
  • New EU Horizon Project! The INVERSE project, in which CoLoRs is involved as a partner, has been accepted within the scope of the Horizon Europe program under the CL4-2023-DIGITAL-EMERGING call.

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