Emre Ugur


SWE510 Data Structures and Algorithms
2019-2020 Spring

Instructor: Emre Ugur (contact)
Classroom: Computer Engineering, A2
Description: Specification, usage and implementation and analysis of advanced data structures and algorithms. Hashing, heap structures, advanced sorting techniques, graphs and algorithm design techniques.

Lectures: Wednesday
Classroom: Computer Engineering Dept, A2
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Schedule (Tentative)

Week 1 Introduction, Java
Week 2 Intro2Objects, Inheritance
Week 3 Polymorphism IntrotoAlgorithms
Week 4 Algorithm analysis, Intro To Sorting
Week 5 Midterm
Week 6 Merge Sort, Quick Sort
Week 6 Data Structures
Week 6 Linked Lists
Week 7 Binary trees
Week 7 Tree search
Week 7 Heapsort
Week 8 Heapsort
Week 8 Stacks-Queues
Week 8 Stack Use
Week 8 Priority Queues
Week 9 Hashing
Week 10 Red Black Trees
Week 11 Graphs, Graph Algorithms
Week 12 Dynamic Programming