A.Alp Kindiroglu

Phd   Student @ Bogazici   University
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Hi, There!

I'm Alp. Ahmet Alp Kindiroglu. I am a research & teaching assistant and a PHD candidate in the Perceptual Intelligence Labarotory of the Department of Computer Engineering at Bogazici University.

I am currently in the thesis proposal stage of my PHD studies Prof. Lale Akarun. I am currently working on Transfer Learning, Multi-Task Learning and Deep Neural Network methods in the context of Sign Language Recognition and Personality Detection.


Bogazici University, Istanbul2011 — NOW

PHD in Computer Engineering

Bogazici University, Istanbul2008 — 2011

Master of Science in Computer Engineering

Sabanci University, Istanbul 2004 — 2008

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Engineering

Academic Interests


Transfer Learning & Domain Adaptation
Sign Language Recognition

Information Terminal For the Disabled
Personality Detection
Hand Gesture Recognition
Fingerspelling to Speech Translator
Hand Gesture Recognition
Spatio-temporal models for sequence analysis

Research Interests

Computer Vision
Image Processing
Human Computer Interactions
Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
Transfer Learning



Kindiroglu, A. A. (2011) Computer Vision Based Multi-Lingual Fingerspelling Recogntion.MSc.Thesis, Bogazici University. Istanbul, Turkey.

International Conference and Workshops

Aran, O., Ari, I., Kindiroglu, A., Santemiz, P., & Akarun, L. (2015). Otomatik Isaret Dili Tanima ve Turk Isaret Dili icin Bilgisayar Uygulamalari. In Türk İşaret Dili Araştırmaları. Koc University Press.

Camgoz, N., Kindiroglu, A., & Akarun, L. (2014). Gesture Recognition using Template Based Random Forest Classifiers. In ECCV 2014 Chalearn Looking at People Workshop.

Camgoz, N. C., Struc, V., Gokberk, B., Akarun, L., & Kindiroglu, A. A. (2015). Facial Landmark Localization in Depth Images using Supervised Ridge Descent. In IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, Chalearn Workshop (ICCVW).

Camgöz, N. C., Kındıroğlu, A. A., Akarun, L., & Aran, O. (2014). DOMAIN ADAPTATION FOR GESTURE RECOGNITION USING HIDDEN MARKOV MODELS. In 22nd Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU).

Camgöz, N. C., Kındıroğlu, A. A., Karabüklü, S., Kelepir, M., Akarun, L., & Ozsoy, S. (2016). BosphorusSign : A Turkish Sign Language Recognition Corpus in Health and Finance Domains. In LREC.

Cobanoglu, M. C., Kindiroglu, A. A., & Balcisoy, S. (2009). Comparison of Mobile Device Navigation Information Display Alternatives from the Cognitive Load Perspective. In HCI International 2009, San Diego, CA, Proceedings (p. 149157). San Diego, CA.

Hrúz, M., Campr, P., Dikici, E., Kındıroğlu, A. A., Krňoul, Z., Ronzhin, A., … Železný, M. (2011). Automatic fingersign-to-speech translation system. Journal on Multimodal User Interfaces, 4(2), 61–79.

Kindiroglu, A. A., Yalcin, H., Aran, O., Hruz, M., Campr, P., Akarun, L., & Karpov, A. (2012). Automatic recognition of fingerspelling gestures in multiple languages for a communication interface for the disabled. Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, 22(4), 527–536.

Kindiroglu, A. A., Yalcin, H., Aran, O., Hruz, M., Campr, P., Akarun, L., & Karpov, A. (2010). Multi-Lingual Fingerspelling Recognition for Handicapped Kiosk. In Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (pp. 33–37). St. Petersburg.

Kindiroglu, A. A., Akarun, L., & Aran, O. (2014). Vision based personality analysis using transfer learning methods. In 22nd Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU) (pp. 2050–2053). IEEE.

Kindiroglu, A. A., Demiröz, B. E., Sak, H., Dikici, E., Yalçın, H., Akarun, L., & Saraçlar, M. (2011). Engelliler için çok-kipli bilgi terminali. In 2011 IEEE 19th Signal Processing, Communication and Applications Conference.

Kındıroğlu, A. A., Yorgancı, R., Kıraç, F., Aydın, M., Hruz, M., Kose, H., & Akarun, L. (2011). Multimodal Sign Language Game Interface. In Proceedings of eNTERFACE 2011, The Summer Workshop on Multimodal Interfaces.

Kındıroğlu, A. A. (2011). Computer Vision Based Multi-lingual Fingerspelling Recognition. Bogazici University.

Kındıroğlu, A., Yalçın, H., & Akarun, L. (2011). Feature Fusion Based Multi-Lingual Sign Language Recognition. In IEEE 19th Signal Processing, Communication and Applications Conference.

Süzgün,Muhammed Miraç Özdemir, H., Camgöz, N. C., Kındıroğlu, A. A., Başaran, D., Togay, C., & Akarun, L. (2015). HospiSign: An Interactive Sign Language Platform for Hearing Impaired. In Proceedings - Eurasia Graphics 2015. Istanbul.

Teaching Skills

Assisted Courses

Programming Languages

Computer Vision

Numerical Linear Algebra

Artificial Intelligence

Fundamentals of Software Engineering

Project Development in Software Engineering

Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming

Technical Skills

Programming Languages

C/C++/C#, Matlab, Java, Python

Other Skills

Latex, Caffe, OpenCV, Microsoft Kinect, Apache Tomcat, Drupal



Mailing Address:

Bogazici University, ETA 27 PILAB, Bebek, Istanbul


+90 212 359 7183