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Thesis Topics:

Please read my research interests first, then send a single page proposal in Software Defined Networks, Cognitive Radio Networks, Satellite Networks, Sensor Networks, Vehicular Networks, Image Processing, Video over Wireless Networks, Green Wireless Communications, UWB Communications, Network Security, Data Hiding. Other research proposals on networks are welcome.


Supervision: Current PhD/MSc/BSc Students, Topics, Starting Date



Thesis Title, Year

PhD. Kübra Kalkan

Intrusion Detection and Prevention, 2013

Levent Altay

Coordinated Attacks on CRNs, 2013

PhD. Can Güven

Social Network Aware CRNs, 2013

PhD. Derya Çavdar

Energy Efficiency for Green Data Centers,  2011

MSc. Hakan Selvi

Energy Aware SDN Controller, 2013

MSc. Selcan Güner

Controller Placement Problem in Software Defined Networks, 2013

MSc. Ferhat Aydın

Energy Aware Caching in Wireless Information Centric Networks, 2013

MSc. Emmar Kardeşlik

Security for SDMN, 2013

MSc. Fethi Kaval

Self-Organization Schemes for LTE Femtocell and Macrocell Overlay Deployments, 2012

MSc. Şeyma Ketenci

(Co-advisor: Didem Gözüpek)

Optimal Location Selection in A Self-service Machines, 2012

MSc. Seniha Köksal

Localization and Activity Detection in Farms by Digital Video, 2011

MSc. Fatma Ekici

Multi-radar Target Tracking and Data Fusion for Bird and Aircrafts Strike Avoidance, 2011



Supervised: PhD/MSc Students, Title, Graduation Date


Title, Year, Current Location

PhD. Gürkan Gür

Energy Efficiency for Cognitive Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, 2013

(Bogaziçi University  Best PhD Thesis Award, 2013)

Provus R&D Expert at Provus- A Mastercard Company


PhD.Didem Gözüpek 

A Scheduling  Model For Cognitive Radio Networks, 2012

(Bogaziçi Üniversitesi  Best PhD Thesis Award, 2012)

Assistant Prof.  Gebze Institute Of Technology (GYTE)

PhD. Suzan Bayhan

Channel Selection And Assignment Schemes For Efficient Spectrum Sharing And Energy Efficiency In Cognitive Radio Networks, 2012

Senior Researcher, Helsinki Institute For Information Technology (Hiit)

PhD.  Ömer Korçak

Routing And Network Mobility Management In Next Generation Satellite Networks, 2009

Assistant Prof.  Marmara University

PhD.  İlker Bekmezci

TDMA Based Wireless Sensor Networks For Military Monitoring, 2008

Assistant Prof.  Air Force Academy

MSc. Can Güven

Energy Efficient Resource Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks, 2013

Msc. Loran Özsahakyan

Adaptive Routing Algorithms For Vehicular Networks In City Environments, 2011

Msc. Basak Eraslan

Throughput Optimal Scheduling Under Interferance Temperature Constraints, 2011 (Phd Student, Canada)

Msc. Yasemin Timar

A New Lane Detection Algorithm For Unmanned Vehicles, 2010 (Phd Student, Bogazici University)

Msc. Seda Demirağ

An Efficient Security Architecture For Satellite Assisted Cognitive Radio Networks, 2009

Msc. Derya Çavdar

Modeling And Analysis Of Cognitive Radio Networks, 2008(Phd Student, Bogazici University)

Msc. Fatih Er

Error Concealment For Speech Over Noisy Channels, 2008  

Msc. Hasan Canarslan

Cyclic Map Information Element In Wimax Networks, 2008 (Ibb)

Msc. Onur Türkyılmaz

Environment Aware Location Estimation In Cellular Networks, 2007

(TTGV Best Thesis Award, 2009)

Msc. Suzan Bayhan

Voip Performance In Satellite Networks With Obp, 2006  (Hiit)

Msc. Ayşegül Tüysüz

Handover Algorithms In Leo Satellite Communications Networks 2006

(Assistant Prof. Isik University)

Msc. Attila Yavuz

Novel Methods For Security Protocols And Key Management  In Wireless Networks Based On Signcryption And Hybrid Cryptography, 2006

Phd, North Carolina C State

Bosch Research and Tech. Center, USA

Msc. Meltem Yıldırım

Handovers In Wireless Overlay Networks, 2006

Manager, NARYAZ

Msc. Gürkan Gür

Error Concealment For Images Over Wireless Networks Using Watermarking, 2005

Provus R&D Expert at Provus- A Mastercard Company


News from My Students:

·       Congratulations to Gürkan!

PhD. alumni and SATLAB member Dr. Gürkan Gür has been awarded the 2013 Bogazici University BAP PhD. Thesis Award. 


·       Congratulations to Didem!

PhD. alumni and SATLAB member Dr. Didem Gözüpek has been awarded the 2012 Bogazici University BAP PhD. Thesis Award. 


·       Congratulations to Derya!

For achieving IBM Great Minds Internship Program Award 2012. She is working on green data center at IBM Research-Zurich.






G. Gür and F. Alagöz, “Green wireless communications via cognitive dimension: An overview,” IEEE Network, vol. 25, no. 2, pp. 50-56, March-April 2011. 
An interesting work on applications of cognitive radio concepts in the context of green communications. Two approaches are discussed, i.e., applying cognitive radio to achieve energy efficiency and developing energy efficiency for cognitive radio systems. The paper introduces the different techniques in achieving energy efficiency in wireless systems and how to apply those techniques in cognitive radio.


G. Gur, S. Bayhan, and F. Alagöz, “Cognitive femtocell networks: An overlay architecture for localized dynamic spectrum access,” IEEE Wireless Communications, vol. 17, no. 4, pp. 62-70, Aug. 2010. 
An important work on the application of cognitive radio concepts in the evolving femtocell networks - proposes a femtocell-based cognitive radio architecture for enabling multitiered opportunistic access in next-generation hierarchical cellular wireless networks.


Congradulations to Gurkan and Suzan !

·       Three SATLAB members have made it to the finals of Google Anita Borg Scholarship in the EMEA region (Europe, the Middle East and North Africa) for the 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 academic years.

Derya Cavdar and Suzan Bayhan has been awarded the scholarship while Didem Gözüpek has made it to the select group of finalists. They visited Google's Engineering Centre in Zurich, Switzerland for a networking retreat in June 2009.
The scholarships are awarded based on the strength of each candidate’s academic background and demonstrated leadership. Through the scholarship, Google aims to encourage women to excel in computing and technology, and become active role models and leaders.

Congratulations to Derya, Suzan and Didem!


·       Onur Turkyilmaz  receives Dr. Akin Cakmakci The Best M.Sc. Thesis Applied in the Industry, (for his M.Sc. thesis), Turkish Technology Development Foundation TTGV (2009)

Gürkan Gür and Tuna Tugcu were also involved with this thesis work.


Congratulations to Onur,Gurkan and Tuna!


·       Murat Ozyurt (with Tuna Tugcu and Fatih Alagöz) receives Mobile Future Award in Academic Category, TURKCELL (2008)

Congratulations to Murat and Tuna!


·       More to come




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