Bogazici University

Department of Computer Engineering


CMPE 49F- Special Topics: Introduction to Satellite and Space Commun.

(Fall 2013)




Catalog Data              Introduction to satellites and deep space systems, Satellite Communication Systems, Satellite applications and services, Satellite Network Principles, Satellite Systems Design, Algorithms in Satellite Networks



Instructor                  Fatih Alagoz, Professor.

                            ETA 42, Tel: 359 6652


Credit                         3 hours 



by course                  Consent of instructor



by topics                   Each student should have the background in:

§  Computer networks (Optional).


Textbook                   There is no required textbook for this course. The required materials will be provided during the course. Supplement articles and class Power Point slides will be provided regularly.



Course Objectives and Related Program Educational Objectives (ABET200):

·       To be familiar with basic communication systems

·       To be familiar with deep space communications

·       To be familiar with satellite systems

·       To be familiar with the satellite and space networks market and the future needs and challenges.

·       To apply mathematical models of satellite networks.

·       To strengthen students’ knowledge in satellite communication systems.

·       To design simple communications systems for satellite networks


Course Topics (by Week):


W.1-2             Principles of basic communications systems


W.3-4. Introduction to deep space systems, galaxies, stars, planets, orbits.


W.5-6  Introduction to satellite systems components,  and networks.


W.7-8.            Satellite Communication Systems


  W.9-10. Satellite applications and services


W.11-12 Satellite Systems Design


W.12-13 Basic Algorithm Design in Satellite Networks


W.14 Project Presentations Satellite Networks


Grading policy (Tentative):           


Pop quizzes-Class activities-                          20%

Midterm 1-                                                       25%    

                                    Midterm 2-                                                       25%    

Final                                                                 30%    



Class/Laboratory Schedule:       

Three 50-minute lecture/discussion sessions per week.


 Contribution of Course to Meeting the Professional Component:

  Mathematics and Basic Science:      30 %   

  New Trends in Engineering topics:   70 %


Prepared by:               Fatih Alagoz

Date:                 September  2013