PhD Dissertations Supervised





Y. Yildirim

Application of Inverse Reinforcement Learning Techniques in Social Robot Navigation(In Progress)

O. Asik

Scalable Multi-Agent Decision Making Algorithms for Real World Problems (In Progress)

 E.  Başaran

Deep Model Based Reinforcement Learning With Short-Long Term Predictions
(In Progress)

B. Gokce

Transfer Learning By Subgoal Discovery in Partially Observable Dynamic Environments (In Progress)

B. Gorer

IM4U: A Computational Affective Model for Companion Robots to Increase Interaction Quality and Task Engagement (In Progress)


  A. U. Peker

 Digital Map and GNSS Fusion to Enhance Localization for Intelligent Vehicle Applications (Co-Advisor with O. Tosun)


T. Meriçli

Case Based Mobile Manipulation (Co-advisor with M. Veloso)


B. Eker

Evolutionary Algorithms for Solving DEC-POMDP Problems


K. Kaplan

ADES: Autonomous Driver Evaluation System

Ç. Meriçli

Multi-Resolution Model Plus Correction Paradigm for Task and Skill Refinement on Autonomous Robots (Co-advisor with M. Veloso)


H. Köse

A Collaborative Multi-agent Localization Technique for Autonomous Mobile Robots 

A. Sardag

Autonomous Strategy Planning Under Uncertainty


M. T. Karadeniz

A Neuro-Fuzzy Approach to Partially Observable Robot Navigation Problems

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