M. Sc. Theses Supervised






Murat Toygar

Social Relation Recognition For Social Robots (In Progress)

Rahmetullah Varol

Action Recognition For Social Robots (In Progress)

Talat Çıkıkçı

Mapping of a Dark Cavity by a Drone Swarm (In Progress)

K. Y. Usta

Development of an Ethics Module for a Service Robot
(In Progress)

S. Ece Ada

Few-Shot Learning for Continuous Control
(In Progress)


M. Doyran

Visual Understanding with RGB-D Images Using Deep Neural Networks for a Service Robot

I. Ozcan

Accompaniment Robot with Turkish Speech Synthesis and Lip Synchronization   

 B. Irfan

Manipulation and Placement Planning for Loading a Dishwasher by a Robot


Y. Yildirim

Human-Aware Robot Navigation Using the Social Force Model


B. Gorer

Developing a Fitness Coach Robot for Elderly People in Assisted Living Environments


O. Aşık

Using DEC-POMDP Algorithms to Solve Multi-Agent Decision Problems in Robot Soccer


C. Kurtul

Road Lane and Traffic Sign Detection and Tracking


O. F. Gunes

Implementation of a Mobile Tour-Guide Robot

B. Kurt

Imitation of Human Arm Movements by a Humanoid Robot Using Monocular Vision

S. Danis

Development of a Multi-Sensored Autonomous Ground Vehicle

C. Kavaklioglu

Developing A Probabilistic Post Perception Module For Mobile Robotics

B. Gokce

Design and Implementation of a Bipedal Walking Algorithm for Nao Humanoid Robots

E. Ozkucur

Design and Implementation of Multi-agent Visual-SLAM Algorithms on Autonomus Robots


T. Mericli

Braitenberg Soccer: Learning How to Play Soccer with Primitive Behaviors

D. Sezen

Implementation of Continuous POMDP Algorithms on Autonomous Robots


F. Geleri

Comparison of Path Planning Algorithms

S. Delioğlu

Generating flow-chart from source code

E. Şekerci

C code checking and grading


S. Sarı

Design and Implementation of an Autonomous Tour Guide Robot 

S. B. Özkan

Design and Simulation of Multi-agent Autonomous Robot Systems for Industrial Facilities


E. I. Karaç

Error Correcting Output Code Construction for Support Vector Machines

Ç. Meriçli

Developing a Robust Multi-agent Task Allocation Algorithm for Four-legged Robotic Soccer Domain 

B. Celik

S-Loc and My Environment: A New Localization System for Autonomous Robots 

M. Gonen

BUILD.NET: A Graphical Application Generator for Object-Oriented Software and Sample Applications  (Co-advisor with U. Bilge)


U. D. Uluşar

Design and Implementation of Real Time Planning Algoritms for Autonomous Robots


M. U. Tatlıdede

Learning Multi-Agent Behavior through Reinforcement Learning 

B. Başaran

Neural Network Topology Optimization Using Estimation of Distribution Algorithms 

L. Santemiz

Development of Fast Gaits for AIBO Robot

K. Kaplan

Design and Implementation of Fast Controllers for Mobile Robots 

B. Talaysüm

Design and Implementation of a Simulated Autonomous Rescue Team 


Y. Gülener

Interactive Internet Based Mechanical Engineering Education (Co-advisor with O. Turkay)

O. Dikmen

Estimating Distributions in Genetic Algorithms


E. Bulut

Neural Network Topology Optimization with Genetic algorithms Using Indirect Encoding 



L. Tolun

Development Of Area Coverage Algorithms For An Autonomous Vacuum Cleaner Robot 

H. Köse

Towards a Robust Cognitive Architecture for Autonomous Mobile Robots 

N. Kurtuldu

Development of a Fuzzy Controller for a Robot Arm Using Evolutionary Algorithms.

G. Milli

Estimating the value weighted ISE 100 index and its variance using a neurofuzzy architecture.




G. Tahtali

Design of a Fuzzy Logic Controller Employing Neural Nets. 

S. D. Köprülü

An Object Oriented Framework for Intelligent Control of an Automated Guided Vehicle 

T. Karadeniz

Planning and Acting In Stochastic Domains for Mobile Robot Control 

A. Sardağ

Design Of An Autonomous Vacuum Cleaner Robot 





B. Bayraktar

Neural Network Topology Optimization with Genetic Algorithms




İ. Oyman

Investigation of Feature Selection Problem for Genetic Algorithms Based Classification

H. M. Öztürk

Development of a Fuzzy Logic Controller for a Distillation Column




D. Arbatlı

Fuzzy Logic Controller Development Using Neural Networks

M. Fresko

Development of a Software Tool for Optical Text Recognition for Turkish




H. Topçuoğlu

Comparison of Multi-Layer Perceptron Algorithms




R. Alpaydın

Connectionist Approach to Improvisation Using Fingering Pattern Association

Ü. Ceylan

Using Pade Approximation in System Modelling and Simulation with State-Space Representation





T. Taşoğlu

Application of Neural Networks to Digital Computer Control of Nuclear Reactors

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