Listings of software and the documnet (Paper or Report) should be given in a 3.5 " diskette . The diskette should contain files containing the source code, one or more sample input and corresponding output separately. Other than these there must be another file named "READ.ME". In this ASCII text file, the following sections must be appear.

Files In the Disk. In this section, the names of the files together with their contents must be listed.

Hardware Requirements. In this section, the equipment, graphics card, numeric coprocessor, mouse, disk capacity, RAM capacity etc. necessary to run the software must be noted.

Software Requirements. In this section, the operating system, the compiler, linker, and the libraries etc. necessary to compile and link the software must be listed. Please note that no copyrighted material file (compiler, library etc.) must be put on the disk without obtaining the necessary license from the copyright owner.