Guided PhD Theses Completed

  1. D. Ozdemir, Joint Dithering and Quantization of Images, 1999.
  2. Berk Gökberk, 3D Face Recognition,2006.
  3. Albert Ali Salah, Biologically Motivated 3D Face Recognition, 2007.
  4. Oya Aran, Vision Based Sign Language Recognition: Modeling and Recognizing Isolated Signs with Manual and Non-manual Components, 2008.
  5. Onur Dikmen, Bayesian Source Modelling for Single-Channel Audio Separation, 2009.
  6. Cem Keskin, Discriminative versus Generative Models for Gesture Recognition, 2012.
  7. Furkan Kıraç, Real-time Human Hand Pose Estimation and Tracking using Depth Sensors, 2013.
  8. Neşe Alyüz, Three-dimensional Face Recognition under Occlusion Variance, 2013.

Guided MSc Theses Completed

  1. T. Bayık, Automatization of Jacquard Looms, 1995.
  2. M. Mazlumoğlu, The Effect of Color Ordering on Image Coding, 1996.
  3. H. Altun, Blind Estimation of Co-channel Systems using DOAs, 1997.
  4. E.B. Abay, Feature-based Neural Network Face Recognition, 1997.
  5. M. ̇Içil, Content-based Query for Locating Human Faces in Color Images, 1997.
  6. O. Yalçın, ̈ Joint Quantization and Dithering of Color Images, 1998.
  7. Z. Melek, Automated Lip Synchronized Speech Driven Facial Animation, 2000.
  8. T. Eskil, Modeling of Cardiac Images by Implicit Polynomials for Diagnostics, 1997.
  9. J. Stevkovska, Combined Speech Recognition from Video and Audio Information, 1999.
  10. E. Demir, Pose Invariant Face Recognition, 2000.
  11. Y. Hacıahmetoğlu, Realistic Behavior Generation for Real-time Virtual Poster Presenter, 2000.
  12. N. Ozdilek, ̈ Data Hiding in Color Images, 2001.
  13. B. Kodaloğlu, Web-based Visualization of Geometry in Design Education, 2001.
  14. B. Utku, An Automatic 3D Terrain Model Generation Environment, 2001.
  15. Berk Gökberk, Feature-based Pose Invariant Face Recognition, 2001.
  16. Kemal Egemen Ozden, ̈ 3D Reconstruction from Multiple Images, 2002.
  17. Tolga Çiftçi, Multimedia Search Engine for Content-based Retrieval of Images and Text, 2002.
  18. Cem Yüksel, Photo Realistic Rendering using Gradient Space Projection, 2003.
  19. A. R. Serim, Neural Network based Face Detection using a Multi-resolution Image Pyramid, 2003.
  20. M. Okan ̇Irfanoğlu, 3D Face Recognition from Shape Information Based on 3D Surface Registration, 2004.
  21. Arman Savran, Speech and Text Driven 3D Face Synthesis for the Hearing Impaired, 2004.
  22. Erhan Durusüt, Vavframe-Volumetric Analysis and Visualization Framework, 2005.
  23. Recai Yalgın, Multi-resolution 3D Terrain Modelling using Contours, 2005.
  24. Cem Keskin, Real Time Continuous Hand Sign Recognition Interface for Generic Applications based on Input-Output HMMs, 2006.
  25. Elif Sürer, Multimodal Biometric Verification and Identification using Face and Hand, 2007.
  26. Neşe Alyüz, 3D Face Registration Using Multiple Average Models, 2008.
  27. Işık Barış Fidaner, A general Object Tracker for Locating Objects in Digital Video, 2008.
  28. Hamdi Dibeklioğlu, Part-Based 3D Face Recognition Under Pose and Expression Variations, 2008.
  29. Ismail Arı, Facial Feature Tracking and Expression Recognition for Sign Language, 2008.
  30. Pınar Santemiz, Alignment and Multimodal Analysis in Signed Speech, 2009.
  31. Hakan Karlıdağ, Texture Mapping for 3D Building Models, 2010.
  32. Turan Can Gürel, Turkish Sign Language Animation with Articulated Body Model, 2010.
  33. Aycan Yüksel, Biometric Identification using Hand Veins, 2010.
  34. A. Alp Kındıroğlu, Vision Based Multilingual Automatic Fingerspelling Recognition, 2011.
  35. Yunus Emre Kara, Computer Vision-based Human Action Recognition via Keypoint Tracking, 2011.
  36. Arif Yetkin Sarı, Acceleration Techniques Analysis for GPU Ray Tracing, 2011.
  37. Pınar Sağlam, Geometry-based Hand Vein Recognition, 2012.
  38. Ufuk Can Biçici, Shadow Height Maps for Terrain Shadowing, 2012.
  39. N. Murat Arar, Fusing Local Appearance Models for Face Recognition, 2012.
  40. Fatma Güney, Cross-pose Facial Expression Recognition, 2012.

MS/PhD Theses in Progress

  • Barıs Evrim Demiröz (PhD, expected 2016)
  • Yunus Emre Kara (PhD, expected 2016)
  • Ahmet Alp Kındıroğlu (PhD, expected 2017)
  • Necati Cihan Camgöz (MS, expected 2015)
  • Ufuk Can Biçici (PhD Student)
  • Doğa Siyli (PhD Student)