Software Engineering MS Program

Opinions of the Graduates

30.04.2010, v1.0







Süleyman Petek

Software Consultant, Cronom,Istanbul, Türkiye

02.2006 – 06.2008


I have attended this SWE MS program to make a professional start in Software Industry and  I  have earned a lot of advantages. After completing the program, you will see how different you are than the others in this sector. In my opinion, this SWE MS Graduates will make a greate contribution to the growth of IT Industry in our country.


I am thankful to all who has tried to make this program alive in Turkey and especially to my teachers.





Ersin Gençtürk

Co-founder , Inmaili Software Ltd, London, UK

Started in September 2003 and graduated in June 2005


Software Engineering program at BU offered an excellent graduate program covering the core software engineering concepts with a strong foundation in topics such as Requirements Analysis, Software Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management and Software Design. We have been taught by top academic staff who are acknowledged as experts in their fields and are at the forefront of developments in their subject area.I had four  years of industry experience and had worked on numerous small and large-scope software projects before joining this programme.After completing the programme, it enhanced my vision for every aspect of the development process, including concept, design, testing, QA and implementation.Also helped to improve my project management skills to manage even the most complex software development projects.I would definetly recommend this programme to others.






Deniz Dizman

Software Engineer, Vodafone Teknoloji, Isntabul, Turkey

Janury 2009-June 2010

I worked as a programmer for 3 years before I started the program. The core courses are great for understanding the software development process and the electives are great for all around computer science. I would recommend this program to everybody in the industry.










Arda Başoğlu

Software Engineer/Founding Partner, BNB Yazılım, İstanbul, Turkey

Started in September 2007 and graduated in August 200         9


Before I started this program I had worked as a programmer for 4 years. And before that I had several IT job positions like system engineering, customer support, system support etc. Software business was always a passion for me. And after enrolling the program my passion got stronger. I learned the latest developments in software engineering and met new disciplines I did not have the chance to do so before. Every professor gave me unique perspective. Furthermore, my class mates were so amazing people that I learned too much from them. It was a tough time but I’m glad I joined and finished this program.









(PhD Student and Researcher, Telecommunications and Informatics Research Center, Boğaziçi University, Istanbul,Türkiye)

September/2005, December/2006


I gained an international standard-software engineering education with this program. I benefited from this education in my research and development activities. I am now working in one of the best Research Centers in Turkey and involved in international standard-research and development activities by the help of formation I got from this education.


I suggest this program to whom will be involved in research and development activities.




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Bülent Bilgin

Senior Research Engineer, TÜBİTAK SAGE, Ankara, Turkey

Started in February 2004, and graduated in February 2006.


In this program, we have seen most basic and necessary knowledge about Software Engineering, Requirements Engineering, Computer Networks, Programming Languages, Databases, Project Management, Software Design, System Programming are the ones that I remember first. And, motivation, that is, if you face harder real life problems, use your knowledge and more to success.


I think we earned , good viewpoint about Software Engineering. And, this is because of program content and our professors teachings. Two months after graduation I have found my current job. Currently I am working in both domestic and international defence industries software projects. I am dreaming to continue PhD,by combining my program knowledge and my real life projects experience.


Yes, of course I appreciate our professors for their teachings and their positive attitude.


I strictly advice this programme to friends, who want to learn about Software Engineering. Of course to ones who will work and appreciate.






Seyit Kaya

IT Manager, Vodasoft Call Center Solutions, Istanbul, Türkiye

SWE Student between 2007-2009


We founded Vodasoft Call Center Solutions in 2003. I worked as a software engineer until 2008 but I realized that haven’t got enough information about Project management  subject. I researched a lot of private courses, private universities about this issue. When I saw Bosphorus  Software Engineering course’ s advertisement , I said that this was what I want . At first visit, I met with Hulya Torbik .She  interested me very nice and made a presentation. After the interview I started the course. My teachers were also very kind.


Altough I was very busy, married and have a child  I studied pleasurably.I found enough time for everything.Now I am going on as a IT Manager the company that I shared.When I started there were 35 peoples in Vodasoft  but  our company is now 250 people. Now I  manage the all IT department  needs and project.  Thanks to this training .


I think everyone should attend this training