Full-Time Faculty

Contact Information Research Interests
Professor (Vice Rector)
ETA 28
+90 212 359 6858
akarun [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Biometrics: 3D Face Recognition, Hand Vein Recognition Gesture Recognition: HCI, Sign Language Recognition Computer Vision and Image Processing, Computer Graphics
Professor (Dean, Faculty of Engineering)
ETA 32
+90 212 359 6401
akin [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Robotics, Artificial Intelligence
ETA 42
+90 212 359 6652
fatih [dot] alagoz [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Wireless/Mobile/Satellite Networks, Multimedia Communication, Networks Telecommunications
ETA 24
+90 212 359 6862
alpaydin [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Machine Learning
Assistant Professor
ETA 15
+90 212 359 7122
bert [dot] arnrich [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Wearable Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Pervasive Healthcare, Data Mining, Machine Learning
Associate Professor
ETA 48
+90 7121
Complex Systems, Complex Networks, Self organizing systems, Mobile internet applications, Software Engineering, Distance Learning Applications, Lightweight Client Programming
ETA 45
+90 212 359 6698
caglayan [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Computer networks, security, operating systems, software engineering and software project management
Associate Professor
ETA 19
+90 212 359 4731
taylan [dot] cemgil [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Bayesian Statistics, Machine Learning, Time Series analysis, Audio, Music and Acoustic Processing
ETA 44
+90 212 359 6861
ersoy [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Computer Networks; Wireless Networks; Sensor Networks
ETA 23
+90 212 359 6605
gundem [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Database Systems
Professor (Chair)
ETA 34
+90 212 359 7094
gungort [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Learning Systems, Theoretical Computer Science, Automated Theorem Proving
ETA 22
+90 212 359 6863
gurgen [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Speech Processing, Biomedical applications, Intelligent Applications
Assistant Professor (Vice Chair)
ETA 18
+90 212 359 7226
arzucan [dot] ozgur [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Bioinformatics
ETA 49
+90 212 359 7225
ozturaca [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Parallel Processing, Computational Science, Graph Algorithms, Grid Computing
+90 212 359 7774
salah [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Pattern Recognition, Human Behavior Analysis
ETA 39
+90 212 359 6628
say [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Theoretical Computer Science, Quantum Computing, Qualitative Reasoning
Associate Professor
ETA 25
+90 212 359 7696
alper [dot] sen [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Formal Methods, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Verification and Testing, Electronic Design Automation, Embedded Systems, Software Testing
ETA 33
+90 212 359 6768
tosuno [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Computer Architecture, Parallel Processing, Fault-Tolerant Computing, Software Reliability, Embedded Systems and Robotics
Associate Professor
ETA 43
+90 212 359 7611
tugcu [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
NanoNetworking, Molecular Communications, Cognitive Radio, Wireless and Mobile Networks, WiMAX Systems
ETA 35
+90 212 359 7682
suzan [dot] uskudarli [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Social Semantic Web, Community Informatics, Digital Communities, Visual Languages, Web Technologies
Associate Professor
ETA 38
+90 212 359 7612
pinar [dot] yolum [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Multiagent systems, Trust and Privacy in Online Social Networks, Social Computing
Associate Professor
ETA 29
+90 212 359 7224
yurdakul [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
VLSI Design Automation, Embedded and Real Time Systems, Architecture

Part-Time Faculty

Contact Information Research Interests
Associate Professor
mehmet [dot] akar [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
+90 212 359 7779
akgunbt [at] gmail [dot] com
Game Development, Game Design, Computer Graphics, Distributed Systems
Assistant Professor
ETA 28
+90 212 359 7779
dr [dot] berk [dot] gokberk [at] ieee [dot] org
Biometrics, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Human Computer Interaction

Former Full-Time Faculty