Full-Time Faculty

Contact Information Research Interests
Professor (Vice Rector)
ETA 28
+90 212 359 6858
akarun [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Computer Vision, Image Processing, Computer Graphics
Professor (Dean, Faculty of Engineering)
ETA 32
+90 212 359 6401
akin [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Robotics, Artificial Intelligence
ETA 42
+90 212 359 6652
fatih [dot] alagoz [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Wireless/Mobile/Satellite Networks, Multimedia Communication, Networks Telecommunications
ETA 24
+90 212 359 6862
alpaydin [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Machine Learning
Assistant Professor
+90 212 359 7122
bert [dot] arnrich [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Wearable Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, Pervasive Healthcare, Data Mining, Machine Learning
Associate Professor
Complex Systems, Complex Networks, Self organizing systems, Mobile internet applications, Software Engineering, Distance Learning Applications, Lightweight Client Programming
ETA 45
+90 212 359 6698
caglayan [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Computer networks, security, operating systems, software engineering and software project management
Associate Professor
ETA 19
+90 212 359 4731
taylan [dot] cemgil [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Bayesian Statistics, Machine Learning, Time Series analysis, Audio, Music and Acoustic Processing
ETA 44
+90 212 359 6861
ersoy [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Computer Networks; Wireless Networks; Sensor Networks
ETA 23
+90 212 359 6605
gundem [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Database Systems
Professor (Chair)
ETA 34
+90 212 359 7094
gungort [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Learning Systems, Theoretical Computer Science, Automated Theorem Proving
ETA 22
+90 212 359 6863
gurgen [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Speech Processing, Biomedical applications, Intelligent Applications
Assistant Professor (Vice Chair)
ETA 18
+90 212 359 7226
arzucan [dot] ozgur [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Information Retrieval, Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Bioinformatics
ETA 49
+90 212 359 7225
ozturaca [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Parallel Processing, Computational Science, Graph Algorithms, Grid Computing
+90 212 359 7774
salah [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Pattern Recognition, Human Behavior Analysis
ETA 39
+90 212 359 6628
say [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Theoretical Computer Science, Quantum Computing, Qualitative Reasoning
Associate Professor
ETA 25
+90 212 359 7696
alper [dot] sen [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Formal Methods, Parallel and Distributed Systems, Verification and Testing, Electronic Design Automation, Embedded Systems
ETA 33
+90 212 359 6768
tosuno [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Computer Architecture, Parallel Processing, Fault-Tolerant Computing, Software Reliability, Embedded Systems and Robotics
Associate Professor
ETA 43
+90 212 359 7611
tugcu [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
NanoNetworking, Molecular Communications, Cognitive Radio, Wireless and Mobile Networks, WiMAX Systems
ETA 35
+90 212 359 7682
suzan [dot] uskudarli [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Social Semantic Web, Community Informatics, Digital Communities, Visual Languages, Web Technologies
Associate Professor
ETA 38
+90 212 359 7612
pinar [dot] yolum [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
Multiagent systems, Trust and Privacy in Online Social Networks, Social Computing
Associate Professor
ETA 29
+90 212 359 7224
yurdakul [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
VLSI Design Automation, Embedded and Real Time Systems, Architecture

Part-Time Faculty

Contact Information Research Interests
Associate Professor
mehmet [dot] akar [at] boun [dot] edu [dot] tr
+90 212 359 7779
akgunbt [at] gmail [dot] com
Game Development, Game Design, Computer Graphics, Distributed Systems
Assistant Professor
ETA 28
+90 212 359 7779
dr [dot] berk [dot] gokberk [at] ieee [dot] org
Biometrics, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Human Computer Interaction

Former Full-Time Faculty

Former Part-Time Faculty

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