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CUDA and Computational Visualization Seminar in Bogazici - July 5, 2011, 9:30, CMPE Department

NVIDIA is going to visit Bogazici University and will give a seminar on the following topics.

· Introduction to Programming CUDA

· Tools and Programming

· CUDA Libraries

· CUDA Optimization

· Computational Visualization: merging Graphics with Compute with the Fermi Architecture

· Software development and enhancement tools for Graphics

· Complex visualization solutions for immersive environments

· Moving 3D Processing in the Cloud: ubiquitous, photo-realistic graphics on any device

· NVIDIA Academics and Researcher Support Program

Elif Albuz holds two Bachelor degrees from Bogazici University, Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering Departments. She completed her Master's study at the University of Delaware focussing on Parallel Architectures and Image/Video Processing Algorithms. She started her industry career at Sony Electronics Semiconductor Business Division working on the design of MPEG2/HDTV solutions where she lead a video software team implementing embedded software on RISC based architectures; adding new features in each generation for DVD/DVD-VR/DVD-Audio/SACD formats. In 2004, she started working at NVIDIA, where she worked on the design of MPEG2/H.264 codec implementation on the first SIMD and then RISC based architectures. She architected error concealment in video decoders and motion adaptive quantization in the video encoder. In 2008, she started working on CUDA applications including motion estimation, frame-rate up-conversion, face detection, and transcoding. And for the past year, she had been working as the lead for CUDA FFT Libraries.

Oguzhan Oguz is a Senior Product Manager at NVIDIA, responsible for the high-end Quadro professional graphics solutions targeting Manufacturing, Digital Content Creation, Medical Imaging and Oil & Gas markets. Since he joined NVIDIA in 2006, he also managed the entry level Quadro solutions serving volume CAD and DCC markets and the Quadro NVS solutions for corporate desktops and financial trading floors. Prior to joining NVIDIA, Oguz worked at SGI as a product manager for the Intel based workstations and as a sales development manager for all Intel based servers and enterprise storage products. He also worked at Koc Holding as a management trainee. Oguz holds an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management and a Mechanical Engineering degree from METU.

· NVIDIA Developer Program

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